ViaBTC and Zionodes collaborate to improve Bitcoin mining services

Zionodes, the Bitcoin mining market, recently announced a partnership with Mining service provider, Through BTC. The Zionodes platform provides a decentralized market that brings together data centers, hardware vendors, and miners in one place, providing ease of use and excellent practicality.

Zionodes provides ownership, easy verification, cost leadership, transparency, security, and liquidity, while ViaBTC’s USP provides security, stability, transparency, and low TX fees. The cooperation between Zionodes and ViaBTC aims to improve the Bitcoin mining industry, and will provide users with hardware on ViaBTC, provide convenient and reliable mining facilities, and provide discounts.

Together, these two platforms will provide miners with proven and reliable encrypted farms, data centers and suppliers. In addition, Zionodes supports the ViaBTC mining pool and will bring more partnership-related utility to its market. The partnership will ensure that all services provided on Zionodes and ViaBTC, including sellers, crypto farms, and data centers, are thoroughly verified to ensure a beneficial and relaxing experience for all miners.

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