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Today it was announced that a welding start-up company with a strategy for optimizing workflows has already cooperated with Blockchain platform SIMBA Chain And software developers Flexibles, in order to achieve better documentation and communication throughout the welding supply chain.

Using SIMBA’s blockchain technology, WeldChain will enable people in welding-related industries to share and store information in a permanent, immutable, secure and confidential manner.

Few people know the inefficiencies of the welding documentation process better than Kurt Gilson. Gilson has worked in the construction industry for more than 30 years, including as the CEO. He knows that different industries, owners, and contractors have different methods of documenting. These differences can lead to discrepancies and poor communication, which can lead to wasted time and rework.

“Welding is a strictly regulated activity, especially because it involves welding quality and compliance with codes and standards that protect the public from hazardous or pressurized fluids in the pipeline system,” Gilson said. “Record the current efficiency of this activity Low, basically a paper-based process. Therefore, using my business knowledge, especially the cost of documentation and verification, I think I can use blockchain to bridge the gap and alleviate the problem. and Welding chain born in. “

In order to build the best platform for WeldChain as much as possible, Kurt began to find a way to start development, and finally found SIMBA’s simple platform, which is a low-code platform for developing and testing applications. The SIMBA team introduced Kurt to Flexible, which specializes in blockchain and software development. The latter will build WeldChain on SIMBA’s high-performance blockchain enterprise platform.

Gilson said: “From the first contact in mid-March to the proof-of-concept in only three months, we will launch the minimum viable product (MVP) on selected customer sites before mid-September as planned; Things are going very fast!

Joel Neidig, CEO of SIMBA Chain, said: “SIMBA Chain is very pleased that WeldChain has chosen us to use our SIMBA enterprise platform to develop its pioneering blockchain-supported business model. Given our own background in the manufacturing field, we understand how the industry will experience The verified welding information has great potential on the blockchain. Our platform provides the robustness that enables WeldChain to expand”

Nate Zapata, the founder of Flexsible, said: “We are very happy to be introduced into a blockchain project that breaks new use cases for this technology. Blockchain technology has huge potential. WeldChain puts welding information on the blockchain. Our mission demonstrates its ability to modernize multiple industries including construction. We are proud that with decades of experience in this emerging technology, Flexible will provide the development services needed to support WeldChain’s scalability .”

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