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COTI, one Blockchain payment platform, Has announced that its cooperation with IOG and the Cardano Foundation is continuing, and its ADA payment solution Wolfram Alpha will use it for NFT auctions.

IO Global (International Olympic Committee) Is a technology company focusing on blockchain structure engineering and research; it is well-known for the Cardano blockchain platform.

Provided by Wolfram Blockchain Lab Distributed ledger technology An ecosystem with the necessary tools to assist in the development of various contract-based smart applications.

As Focus on DLT subsidiary Wolfram Blockchain Labs of Wolfram Research, Inc. is the creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language.

As part of the Cardano NFT strategy, the Cardano Foundation makes this partnership possible. It is worth noting that before the introduction of ADA Pay, the Cardano NFT auction was conducted in Discord.

Through the innovations provided by ADA Pay, ADA’s bidding and payment in NFT auctions can now be simplified.

Core technology introduction:

  • ADA payment by NFT.
  • Tender and auction mechanism.
  • Guardianship of the auctioneer.
  • Quick balance analysis.
  • New API.

“I am very happy to work with COTI and IO Global to make this project a reality. We hope to take the NFT experience to another level and cover many communities. We have learned a lot in creating consumer-oriented services, from a simple The idea started, and through close review and cooperation with these two excellent teams, it became a very cool and powerful platform.”
– Christian Pasquel, Director of Connectivity Wolfram Blockchain Lab

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