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Worldline is a European payment service provider and Bitcoin Suisse is a Swiss Encryption Services Corporation, Recently announced the launch of their omni-channel encrypted payment solution.

Now, there are more than 85,000 merchants in Switzerland that use Worldline point of sale and e-commerce payment services to allow their customers to pay in Bitcoin and Ether and other payment methods.

“I am very happy to work with Worldline to introduce user-friendly encrypted payments to the Swiss market.”
—— Dr. Arthur Vayloyan, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse

Overview of WL Encrypted Payment

  • Worldline and Bitcoin Suisse provide a comprehensive service called WL Crypto Payments that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin and Ether as payment options in point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce.
  • Merchants can easily download the WL Crypto Payments mobile application or easily install the Worldline payment plug-in for their online store. Customers paying with cryptocurrency can pay through their commonly used mobile crypto wallet application.
  • The price displayed by the merchant in Swiss francs can be quoted in bitcoin or ether in real time according to the customer’s choice, using encrypted payment, and immediately confirmed to the merchant.
  • WL Crypto Payments enables merchants to directly use cryptocurrency converted to Swiss francs to make payments after payment is confirmed. Merchants further benefit from payment processes that are settled in Swiss francs and bundled with other payment methods (such as credit cards).

“The launch of the acceptance of cryptocurrency at the POS in Switzerland is a good proof of our ambition. We are very happy to cooperate with Bitcoin Suisse on this forward-looking project.”
—— Marc Schluep, CEO of Worldline Switzerland

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