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The Altair beacon chain upgrade is ready to be activated on the Ethereum mainnet.The upgrade will be online at epoch 74240 (October 27, 2021, 10:56:23 AM UTC).

Client version

In order to be compatible with the Altair upgrade, beacon node operators must Update the version of the client they are running. If you run a validator, you must The upgrade continues to focus on the mainnet beacon chain. Otherwise it will result in downtime penalty.

The versions listed below support mainnet Altair upgrades.

Verifier upgrade

Although if you are a validator on the mainnet, this upgrade has been extensively tested, but we strongly recommend that you be online during the upgrade to prevent any unforeseen issues.

Bug bounty bonus

In order to make more people pay attention to the Altair upgrade, from now to 4 weeks after its release (November 27), all bug rewards related to the Altair upgrade have doubled. Serious Altair bugs in the client and specifications are now worth up to $100,000.

See Bug bounty program more details.


As an Ethereum user or Ethereum holder, what do I need to do?

This upgrade is purely for the beacon chain consensus mechanism, and no Affect end user accounts, contracts, and status protected by the proof-of-work chain.

If you run your own beacon node, you need to upgrade your node. Please refer to the “As a non-verifier beacon node operator, what do I need to do?” section below.

As a non-verifier beacon node operator, what do I need to do?

Download the latest version of the beacon node client, as listed in the table above.

As a verifier, what do I need to do?

Download the latest version of the software you are running, as listed in the table above. Follow any instructions in the distribution and restart your node using the standard restart procedure.

Please note that the node software that supports the standalone validator client also needs to be upgraded and restarted this component. Please read the warnings and instructions included in the official version.

What if I am a validator or node operator and I do not participate in the upgrade?

If the beacon node client you are using is not updated to the latest version (as listed above), once the upgrade occurs, your client will be synchronized to the beacon chain before the fork. According to the old rules, you will be stuck on an incompatible chain.

If you run the validator, the validator will not be able to participate in the upgraded consensus and will continue to operate on the upgraded beacon chain network. This will result in penalties for the upgraded mainnet chain.

What will happen during the upgrade of the beacon chain network?

After the Ethereum community agrees on what changes should be included in the upgrade, the changes to the agreement will be written to various clients. The beacon chain protocol change is activated at a specific epoch number. Any node that has not been upgraded to the new rule set will be discarded on the old chain, and the old chain may continue to exist with the previous rules.

Why is “Altaïr”?

Rear Community discussion Voting with emoji, the client team decided to use the star name for each upgrade, and the order of the upgrade names is alphabetical.

Altair starts with “A” and is the 12th brightest star in the night sky. It rotates rapidly at an equatorial speed of 286 km/s. It is Taboo planet. If you ask us, very cool stars.


Congratulations to all the researchers, engineers and community members who have invested a lot of work in the first beacon chain network upgrade.

Now, continue to merge 🚀


This is an emerging and constantly evolving highly technical field. If you choose to implement the recommendations in this article and continue to participate, you should make sure you understand how it affects you. You should understand the risks involved, including but not limited to accidental errors and other risks. By choosing to implement these recommendations, you will alone risk the consequences. This article and recommendation are not any form of sales, nor does it constitute any form of guarantee, including but not limited to anything related to the Ethereum network or the Ethereum customers mentioned here.

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