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Developer Conference Yes Coming in 2022 (And some new things 🤫), but before our next event update, we invite you to view a completely refreshed Devcon profile.

Meet the new Devcon file

Devcon’s impact is not just a physical event. With this in mind, we have completely reinvented the Devcon archive. Changes include improved user experience, better content discoverability, reduced reliance on YouTube, more decentralized content via IPFS, and community participation in curation.

Through all of this, we hope that Devcon can continue to be an unparalleled educational resource for understanding the past, present and future of the ecosystem.Read on to learn more about the new features (and try to get POAP), or Check the site in person now.

Curated Content Center

Based on preliminary user research current With archive implementation, users find it difficult to browse hundreds of Devcon videos for each version. There is a lack of content discoverability and guidance, and the conversations provided have little context or metadata.

One common denominator we heard from feedback sessions is that specific conversations help understand key concepts. People regularly revisit these lectures through the archives, but only because they were initially exposed to the meeting on the event schedule, or actually attended the meeting.

Although live meetings are at the core of the Devcon experience, the massive influx of parallel content makes it difficult for attendees to attend all the meetings they wish to attend. For this reason, others rely on video playback to understand the content after the incident.

In addition, the repeated mention of curated content is a way to help users get in touch with new ideas and opinions, otherwise these ideas and opinions will be largely ignored. One of the most consistent positive feedback we continue to receive in relation to the Devcon face-to-face experience is the incidental learning and ideas that attendees experience while participating in content that they did not plan to participate in before. We hope to take advantage of this opportunity and allow the community to help create this joyous moment through suggested playlists of niche areas of content expertise.If you are interested in helping to resolve this issue, please check Devcon Discovery Road Be ahead of the playlist curated by the community.

Make content more discoverable

From a user perspective, our goal is to make Devcon archives as easy as possible to navigate, filter, and access content based on your specific interests and skill level.

The new archive has been rebuilt from scratch with mobile first, allowing you to access your favorite Ethereum developer content on any device. Since there is now a lot of metadata in the archive, you can use various inputs to search and filter videos. Easily search for content based on speaker, presentation description, devcon track, keywords, professional level or Devcon activity version. You can also access a variety of curated and suggested playlists to help discover interesting and engaging content.

Note: If you are a speaker in the Devcon archive and want to help improve the content description (or want to edit your speaker biography), please PR directly in the archive github page, Or contact us through the following ways e-mail.

Decentralize it all!

One of the core goals of the Devcon team this year is to help dogfood and integrate core web3 technologies to provide obvious benefits for attendees and online participants.

Internally, our reliance on centralized platforms is a problem. As services and websites de-platform and censorship risks become more and more common, we want to ensure that all Devcon content is censorship-resistant and accessible globally And always remain the same for those who are interested to participate.

For this, we decided Fully integrated IPFS as part of the Devcon archive experience. IPFS is a distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications and data. Learn more about IPFS here. You can now find all past Devcon content hosted on IPFS and can be easily accessed via archive via the IPFS video player tab. We also want to see users pin their favorite content on IPFS to make it more accessible and indicate their preference for the type of content they like best and want to share with others.

Special thanks to Andrew and Carson of the Textile team, and Dietrich, Adin and Molly of Protocol Labs for their continued guidance on IPFS and Filecoin. We would also like to thank the EF Devops team for the responsibility of managing and uploading a large number of videos on IPFS. 🙏

Devcon mission path

To commemorate the ongoing journey to Devcon and encourage community participation, we will add two additional missions related to the Devcon archives, as well as exciting content on the road to Devcon missions.

Fixed archive

In order to make the content accessibility more resistant to censorship and decentralization, we hope to see more Devcon content fixed by users who use archives. To ensure that the content persists on IPFS and is not deleted during garbage collection (the process of deleting stale content), data can be pinned to one or more IPFS nodes. Pinning allows you to control disk space and data retention. Users can use this control to pin any content they want to keep on IPFS indefinitely. If you are one of the top 100 people who pin your favorite session to IPFS and contact us on our Devcon Discord road, we will issue you a unique, limited-running POAP. Learn more about fixationAnd about Join the Devcon here to explore the road.

Community participants should be provided with equal opportunities to help plan the content of the Devcon archives. We encourage all interested parties to submit selected playlists to provide insight into core subject areas or to produce a historical narrative that can be easily distinguished by newcomers or individuals who wish to dig deeper into specific topics.

Here are some examples of featured playlists: The emergence of smart contract language, Executive layer. Please make your playlist and submit a PR on Devcon archive github. If your playlist is selected, you will get a unique POAP as part of the road to Devcon mission. Learn more about participating in Quest here and / or Visit github here.

What is the future?

We continue to see opportunities to improve the profile, but want to hear your feedback on what will add the most value. As Devcon approaches, we will continue to integrate user accounts to help you create your own custom personalized playlists, favorite speeches, and more. We also plan to closely integrate the Devcon live broadcast process with the archive to ensure that the content and related supplementary information can be easily accessed after the next Devcon.

If you have any other ideas that can help improve the Devcon experience or archive, please check Devcon improved proposal process Learn how to be an integral part of this year’s Devcon plan.

Thanks to Devcon and the Web team for pushing the project forward🚢.

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