Announces Kintsugi Merger Testnet

Since Amphora merged workshop, The client team has been working hard to implement the latest version of the merger specification and test it on the development network.

After four short devnets, Kintsugi 🍵, one Longer life public test network, Is now online!

Although the client development and user experience continue to improve, we encourage the community to start using Kintsugi to become familiar with Ethereum in the combined environment. For application developers, As mentioned before, There will not be much change. Tools that only interact with the consensus layer or the execution layer are basically unaffected. The infrastructure that relies on these two layers will most likely need to be adapted to support consolidation.

We recommend that most projects start testing and prototyping on Kintsugi in order to discover any potential problems as soon as possible. This makes it easier to incorporate changes into future client and specification versions.

Use gold connection

Check Kintsugi landing page Information about interaction with the Kintsugi network. You will find network settings, faucets, block explorers and JSON-RPC endpoints, as well as updated documentation to reflect the supported consensus <> execution layer client combination.

As a reminder, after the merger, the complete Ethereum client is composed of a beacon/consensus node and an execution engine (processed by the existing “Eth1” client). Both tiers maintain independent API endpoints and peer-to-peer connections to handle their respective roles.For a complete overview of the post-merger architecture of Ethereum, please refer to This post.

Support and feedback

The EthStaker community can provide Kintsugi support.If you have questions, encounter errors, or need clarification, they are happy to #testingthemerge🐼 Their channel Discord server.

With the launch of Kintsugi, we hope that the community will get involved #TestingTheMerge.Look at this list testing scenarios Get ideas on how to take testing to the next level.

If you find errors or problems in the specification, the best place to raise them is #merge-general ‘S channel Ethereum develops Discord server. If you don’t want to use Discord, the other place to ask such questions is the Canonical Repository (consensus, implement, Bee), and Ethereum Magician ✨.

Next step

The Kintsugi testnet provides an opportunity for the community to experiment with the merged Ethereum and begin to identify any issues. Once the feedback is incorporated into the client software and specifications, the final series of testnets will be launched. At the same time, testing work will continue to increase.

After that, the existing long-term testnet will be run through The Merge. Once these are upgraded and stabilized, the next step is to transition from the Ethereum mainnet to the proof of stake🎊.

For those who desire to track progress on a more granular level, Mainnet preparation checklist It is publicly available and regularly updated.

See you on Kintsugi 🍵!

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