Announcing funding for advocacy non-profit organizations

The Ethereum Foundation will allocate $1 million to fund organizations that provide education on Ethereum and blockchain technology to governments and policy makers. We encourage others in the Ethereum community to support their important work.

A space for growth and good deeds

We understand that transformative technologies pose new problems for regulators and governments. However, regulators must strike a balance between protecting their voters from bad actors and fraud, while also supporting the development of emerging industries. By providing information and resources to policymakers and governments, the Ethereum community can play an active role in this process.

The good news is that more and more good organizations are taking on this role for our community, some of them focus exclusively on Ethereum and blockchain, while others understand its potential as a tool to achieve a broader privacy mission, transparency , Financial inclusion, etc.

Support those who support us all

For educators

The Ethereum Foundation is providing grants totaling $500,000 to three organizations that play a leading role in education policy makers and regulators:

  • Coin center: Leading U.S. non-profit organizations focus on policy issues facing blockchain networks
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation: A non-profit leader who defends digital privacy, freedom of speech, and innovation
  • Fight for the future: A grassroots activist group fighting for the future, where technology is a force for liberation rather than oppression.

Help us go further

However, there are many other organizations that deserve community support. We believe that it is important for the broader Ethereum community to express opinions on how to allocate funds to promote education on these important topics.

Therefore, in addition to the above grants, we also provided a grant of US$500,000 to Bitcoin Their matching pool Upcoming publicity round.

Gitcoin’s crowdfunding rounds utilize secondary financing, that is, individual donations that express community sentiment in a given set of grants. During the donation period, the grant owner seeks funds from the community. The number and total amount of contributions to their projects will affect the total amount allocated from the matching pool. The Gitcoin round will provide the community with an opportunity to decide which advocacy non-profit organizations should obtain additional funding for their work.

We encourage everyone to participate in the Gitcoin round (they will announce more details soon) and help educate the government about the potential of our joint construction, so that we can create a regulatory environment where our community can be as good as possible.

Stay tuned for more information about supporting education programs, including news from us researcher, renew Community resources And more.

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