Co-building: Fundraising for the executive-level customer ecosystem

Ethereum’s diverse customer ecosystem is the foundation of everything we build together.This includes both execution-layer And consensus-layer Customers, both of these are an important part of the future of Ethereum after the merger.

Client support for the executive layer (previously called “Eth1”) remains one of the highest priorities of the Ethereum Foundation. These customer teams have been supporting the development of Ethereum in the past few years. As Ethereum transitions to a proof-of-stake consensus system, they will continue to provide critical infrastructure for the merged network. Since January 2020, EF has spent more than 10 million U.S. dollars on research and development of the executive-level client. As these teams adapt and expand with the wider community, we will continue to provide unwavering support.

At the same time, we believe that it is healthy for Ethereum customers to receive funding and support from stakeholders in the wider community, which reflects the growth and diversification of the ecosystem.

Collaborative efforts, especially those of teams and builders dedicated to supporting and maintaining various Ethereum customers, are a lasting and influential way that benefits Ethereum in the long term.

Build together

Today, we are happy to announce Compound grant, Kraken, Lido, Synthesizer, Chart And Uniswap grant Each person donated US$250,000 to support the Ethereum executive customer team. This project is the result of several months of work and will supplement a large amount of funds provided by the government. Ethereum Foundation this year This fundraising will not affect EF’s continued financial support for these teams.

The support of capable and leading entities from all walks of life will strengthen and promote the innovation that occurs on Ethereum.

This project represents an effort to ensure the long-term growth, health, and decentralization of Ethereum. Each of these elements can be demonstrated by the diversity of customers, the strength of the team itself, and our confidence that Ethereum will continue to succeed.

Why start with this method?

Part of our goal in the first round is to reduce the risk of relying on any single team or entity, because we are all striving to maintain high-quality open source products in a diversified, decentralized, and sustainable manner.

We will continue to work to provide a more decentralized financing mechanism for Ethereum’s public products, which is another step to enable more participants to directly support client development and maintenance.


In line with the goal of customer diversification and the success of the network, we are proud to announce the winners of this round: Besu, Erigon, Gus, Void Mind, And Rain cloud.

As a public product, Ethereum benefits from joint responsibility. This is true in terms of customer diversity and the depth and breadth of the ecosystem’s ability to support itself.

Ethereum is a core project with the potential to change and improve the interaction between humans, society, and markets on a global scale. With breakthrough applications and innovations on the network and increasing adoption rates, the Ethereum community is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and technical feasibility. We are happy to take the next step to continue this growth and ask you to join us to strengthen it by ensuring that Ethereum is still a diversified and sustainable project and maintained by many people for a long time to come Ethereum. 🚀

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