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Have you ever been interested in participating in the development of the core Ethereum protocol? If so, then there is a new program for you to discuss.As part of the EF Propanol Support Program, I am happy to announce “Core Developer Apprenticeship Program”.

What to expect

Hi, this is Piper Merriam. I have been in the Ethereum ecosystem for some time. This is a crazy journey. I have reason to be sure that this is the best job I have ever done. This program is my way of trying to help more people find influential and interesting engineering work. Every day, I use the most advanced protocols with the smartest and hardworking people. With the support of the Ethereum Foundation, I am happy to provide opportunities for more people to find their place in this ecosystem.

Some details:

  • Application deadline is May 31: Apply here
  • Plan from mid-June to mid-September
  • Participants will identify and define a project aimed at improving the core Ethereum protocol.
  • Participants will have direct access to the core developer community in the organization and team.

The program will provide participants with an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the Ethereum protocol and provide them with first-hand experience of how protocol development works and how to be part of the process.

Affect Ethereum

The development of the core protocol is not an easy task, but it is interesting, challenging and rewarding (at least for me). Unfortunately, There are also great barriers to entry for this job. It requires a high degree of fluency in the actual agreement itself. It requires a deep understanding of many different engineering concepts. It requires excellent written and oral communication skills. The purpose of the program is to provide an easier entry to overcome these obstacles and to provide you with initial support and guidance so that you can work side by side with yourself and all other “core developers”.

My cooperation with Ethereum is the biggest “leverage” for me to move the world. We have many very interesting and difficult questions waiting for you. Does anyone else want to move the world with me?

For more information about the program, Click here for details and more information on how to apply. 🛠

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