Devcon 6 update, and some new things…

After a while, we got some news.

👋It is happening! 👋

After being imprisoned for the last few years, it can finally be said to be exciting Devcon 6 will be held in Bogotá, Colombia in the first half of the fourth quarter of 2022. We know that Devcon has a special place in everyone’s heart (and so do we!), and we can’t wait to share more information soon (coming soon!).

At the same time, the road to Devcon continues with another project we have been working on recently.

Recognize some new things

Development connection It is a week-long gathering in Amsterdam and will feature independent Ethereum events, each with a unique focus. The goal is to focus on depth-first meetings rather than scale, and to gather the Ethereum community in smaller groups to discuss, learn, or make significant progress on specific topics.

Unlike the usual conferences, we hope this one-week gathering will promote the in-depth discussions and dialogue needed to continue to improve Ethereum. Every discussion during Devconnect will be hosted and planned by experts in these fields. EF will help facilitate coordination so that experts and teams can get help in logistics and production, and ensure that overlap in similar fields is minimized to avoid pulling builders in different directions.

Most importantly, we want Devconnect to be efficient! This means that for all gatherings and seminars, our goal is to let the audience be relevant experts or people who are very interested in a particular field.

For everyone who comes to town and wants to hang out and work together between meetings, we will provide a common working space for all interested parties to collaborate.

What can we achieve through Build Week?

Faced with all the new challenges facing the world and the opportunities that Ethereum is embracing, this year EF decided to try new things.

It’s great to see the familiar major events begin to resume activity-at the same time we have begun to build Devconnect as something a little different. Since we were together in Osaka, Devcon’s ideas have been expanded and iterated. Although major events like Devcon are still the main productivity and incredible main activities in our ecosystem, we hope that this new type of gathering can In new ways.

When can we learn more?

Please stay tuned Develop a connected website, and @EFDevconnect On twitter For more information on exact dates and locations, please visit the EF blog.

If you are interested in hosting a Devconnect event, Reach out! We can’t wait to meet in Amsterdam in April and in Bogotá later in 2022. See you again soon.


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