Devcon party and event funding path

Community organizers are the glue that holds the Ethereum ecosystem together. Whether they are leading large-scale events, local gatherings, hackathons, or seminars, we may all be wandering in the dark forest of a simulated world without them. But what’s the fun of relying on an accidental encounter with the like-mindedness of the laptop sticker, or the undefinable cryptocurrency atmosphere?

Although major events tend to generate more buzz, not everyone can travel across half of the earth to participate in meetings. Small events play a vital role in making Ethereum inclusive, accessible, and cohesive: anyone with an internet connection and a laptop can join a virtual party or join an online hackathon team, and at any given time There are countless opportunities in time.

With this in mind, the Devcon team is working with Electrostatic precipitators Organize a round of grants of US$500-1500 for parties and small events. If you are organizing an event or series and need help paying for related expenses, or postpone some special events due to lack of resources, we are here for you! If your event does not have any related costs, but you encounter other obstacles, please feel free to contact us and we will see if we can help.

To qualify for funding, your event should be:

  • Focus on Ethereum
  • Free to participate
  • Open to anyone
  • If held in person, complies with all local COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines
  • Not focusing on investment, price or token sales
  • Events that have occurred are not eligible

We want to hear the opinions of various organizers from anywhere in the world.Regardless of whether you need support or not, you can participate in any eligible event-just submit the form and let us know that you want to be included Developer Conference And receive a special “Road to Devcon” badge to display on your website.

head here Learn more and submit the form.

This round of funding is specifically for small activities with relatively low costs and has a simplified application process.If your event does not meet the standards or you are seeking greater sponsorship, you can submit at any time ask To ESP. 🦄

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