Devconnect: 18-25 April 2022, Amsterdam

in our last article, we outline Devconnect as a week-long meetup that will feature standalone Ethereum events designed to bring the Ethereum community together in smaller groups to discuss, learn about, or make significant progress on a specific know more information

Devconnect date announced

Save the Date: Devconnect is scheduled for April 18-25, 2022 in Amsterdam.

While we continue to closely monitor Amsterdam’s evolving COVID measures, things are moving in the right direction and we are organizing quickly. With that, we wanted to share more about what you’ll find in Amsterdam.

By (and for) all: Devconnect’s timeline

Let’s talk about content. Each event during Devconnect Week will be independently hosted and curated by experts in different fields as innovators look to continue improving Ethereum.

Remember, we want Devconnect to be efficient, which means Some events, as the relevant experts in these specific fields begin work. Much of this, including ticketing, is up to the organizers of each conference (not the Devconnect team).We will This way you can see further additions as they come together.

Oh (!), and will Provide a space for everyone to collaborate and discuss later!

What types of summits are on the calendar so far?Here are just some – view Development Connection Schedule Complete list!

event organizer date describe
Ethereum Day Ethereum Amsterdam April 18, 2022 Amsterdam is hosting a week of Devconnect, bringing together the brightest developers and builders of Ethereum. Want a sneak peek? Immerse yourself in the latest Ethereum developments at Beurs Van Berlage on April 18.
second floor amsterdam L2BEAT April 19, 2022 → April 20, 2022 A two-day technical conference dedicated to Ethereum L2 scaling. Meet industry leaders: builders and developers, learn in lectures and panel discussions, and dig deeper by attending workshops.
Web2 –> Web3 Development Bootcamp continuous shooting April 20, 2022 → April 21, 2022 Are you new to Web3? Learn about the tools you need to deploy and interact with smart contracts.
ETH Economics Powerful Incentive Group April 21, 2022 As an economic asset, ETH is critical to the security of Ethereum. RIG, Economists and others spend a day delving into the economics of Ether
DeFi Day Ethereum Amsterdam pending A day on the new world of DeFi: infrastructure, risk management, governance, user experience and more!
pledge party ETHStaker April 19, 2022 → April 21, 2022 Everything about ETH staking. We welcome new Stakers who are interested in learning more about staking, experienced Stakers who want to learn about new trends and upcoming topics, developers who are interested in contributing to the open source single-player staking project, and the EthStaker community who just want to hang out member.
Web3 UX Non-Conference Ethereum UX Community April 23, 2022 Potential workgroups: Login with Ethereum, Multichain Wallet, L2 Onboarding/Education, L1-L2 Bridging UX, L2-Dapp Interaction UX, Staking + Validator UX, and more.
Safety is the key Safety April 21, 2022 → April 22, 2022 This is a small, intimate event for those who are pushing the boundaries of Ethereum security, especially smart contracts.
ETH Amsterdam Hackathon ETH Global April 22, 2022 → April 24, 2022 Join ETHGlobal as the Ethereum community gathers in Amsterdam for hacks, summits and side events to celebrate the energy in the ecosystem.
Build an ETH dapp in 7 hours build space pending Want to break into Web3 development? Come for the day with your basic Web2 development skills and leave with an Ethereum dApp!
Tier 1 research activities EF Research Team April 18, 2022 → April 19, 2022 A two-day mini-conference for those deeply involved in layer 1 research – stateless, portal networks, ASE, state expiration, verkle trees, execution, client design, proof-of-stake, sharding, and more.
Global Governance Gathering Taoism April 18, 2022 → April 19, 2022 This will be a different “The DAOist”. Day 1 will be dedicated to demonstrating intentional coordination between DAOs and will only be attended by those who work in and for DAOs on a daily basis. Day 2 will be open to the public as usual.
Cape Schelling – Amsterdam Gitcoin April 21, 2022 We believe that Ethereum is a schelling point for hopeful people, and we come together to build a better world. By co-creating this schelling point, we will reconnect why we are here and accelerate these narratives: self-sovereignty, coordinated technology, experiments in regenerative economies, radical markets, solar punk lore, and the many fruits of public goods.
Unity Summit! Unity team April 20, 2022 This Solidity Summit Day is for everyone involved and interested in the Solidity language and the ecosystem around it. It features talks and discussions on Solidity, Yul, language design and tooling.
Officially verify Hangouts FV Team + Friends April 19, 2022 During FV Hangout Day, we will have open discussions, small breakout sessions, tech sessions, and anything related to FV and hangouts instead of a day of talks
Web2 to Web3 classes 0xHack / TrueFi pending A small, intensive, multi-day bootcamp that teaches Web2 developers the skills they need to break into the Web3 world!
Dark Forest, Ashes and Friends: DEFCON 0xPARC April 19, 2022 Build, play and crack on crypto-native games. Participants: Dark Forest, Lattice, Conquest.eth.
Ethereum Magician Party Ethereum Magician April 23, 2022 → April 24, 2022 The purpose of the Ethereum Magicians Council is to solve coordination problems within the Ethereum core, improve coordination between groups in the ecosystem, build public goods with infrastructure as the main focus, and discuss how to improve infrastructure.
Application ZK Showcase 0xPARC & Applied ZKP Team April 23, 2022 → April 24, 2022 Facilitate the transfer of knowledge between application ZK developers at different levels, demonstrate the importance of application-specific ZK techniques, and generally increase the legibility of ZK encryption to the crypto space.

If you are interested in hosting a Devconnect event, please contact!

Devconnect working together

Devconnect Co-Work is a place to work and a space to relax. While all events that take place during the week are organized independently, this co-working space will be officially hosted by the Devconnect team, featuring spaces that:

  • Work: desk, wifi and socket
  • Relax: a comfortable area to relax alone or in small groups
  • Collaboration: Multiple meeting rooms are available for informal meetings (first come, first served)
  • Energetic: Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout.

Best of all, Co-Work passes are open to all Devconnect participants who want to work and hang out together between sessions, so come meet friends old and new.

City Guide: Getting to Know Amsterdam

Before taking off, Check out our Amsterdam city guidewhere you can find information about the city, learn how to get around, or find places to stay, eat, pay in tokens, and more.

Amsterdam is known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Just like Ethereum, it means many things to many different people, and there are some interesting things for everyone. We hope you will find some places to get started by using this guide.

Volunteer Call! Want to help?

Devconnect wouldn’t be possible without a group of dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers ready to help keep the show going.Whether you are an experienced event organizer or volunteer, or a first-time attendee looking for ways to meet and engage with people, use Volunteer Form Below, join the team in Amsterdam!

We can’t wait to meet in Amsterdam in April and Bogotá later in 2022.Stay tuned to and @EFDevconnect on Twitter For more information on exact dates and locations, visit the EF Blog. see you soon.

although Devconnect will not require sponsors, independent events happening throughout Devconnect may be seeking sponsorships. If you’re interested in sponsoring, check out related events to see if they accept sponsorships.

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