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Community and education China’s Ecosystem Development Ethereum Support ETHPlanet’s ecosystem construction plan in China, including cooperation with students and universities, events, community organizations and educational resources. Community and education respect decoding A blockchain conference focused on research and discussion organized by the Seoul National University Blockchain Association Decipher. Community and education Devspace Virtual Hackathon Indian Computer Association Hackathon organized by students Indian Computer Association, For developers, researchers, and students. Community and education Ethereum The virtual and face-to-face hackathon focuses on building the Ethereum developer community through learning opportunities and practical support for hackers. Community and education Information website Deploy a series of easy-to-understand information and educational websites about the Ethereum ecosystem Community and education Russian ecosystem development Sponsored a series of Russian virtual Ethereum meetups Community and education Web3 Teacher Training Program Blockchain Acceleration Foundation Develop courses and courses to train college students and professors to become educators developed by Ethereum, aiming to provide them with a foundation for leading educational programs in their respective universities. Consensus layer Analysis of Beacon Chain Network Topology Shreyas Samaga Topological data analysis technology is applied to all aspects of the beacon chain network, including the visualization of verifier behavior, insight into the structure and health of the p2p network, and the inspection of key consensus indicators. Consensus layer Beacon Chain Ransomware Attack De Montfort University The proof of concept of ransomware attacking the Ethereum validator shows that large providers need more secure infrastructure. Consensus layer Chain Guardian Node factory Application and graphical interface for managing multiple validators and beacon nodes through statistics and monitoring. Consensus layer Polaris Safety chain Continue to develop the Lodestar JS beacon chain client. The goals include light client development, improvement of tools and documentation, and preparation for the Altair hard fork. Consensus layer Prism Prism Lab Continue to develop the Prysm client, focusing on the production support and improvement of the beacon chain, as well as the research and development of Altair, Merge and Sharding. Consensus layer Proof of sharding data for hosting MPC Plato Continue to research and develop multi-party calculations to set up Ethereum validators and decentralized equity pools. Consensus layer development tools Record and demonstrate SSZ serialization standard website resources, including visual playground and React-based SSZ implementation. Consensus layer tplonk Christian Reckberg The research and development of tPlonk, a hash function based on SNARK friendly search. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Dark forest Infrastructure and tools Brian Bublitz and Jacob Rosenthal Continue to work on zero-knowledge tools, infrastructure, and community developer support Dark forest. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof BLS Global Wallet James Zaki The L2 wallet contract replaces the ECDSA signature with the compressed BLS signature in the optimistic summary. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof cream Couger Develop protocols for secure, anonymous, and verifiable voting technologies, as well as additional zero-knowledge research and development and enterprise adoption efforts. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof CLR.fund UI Spencer Graham Enhanced function CLR file The user interface is designed to create an application that anyone can deploy to run their own CLR financing round. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Dark forest Continue to study Dark Forest, which is a decentralized and durable RTS (Real Time Strategy) game that demonstrates the use of zk-snarks to build an “incomplete information” environment where users can publicly submit verifiable and effective operations to remain private status. The dark forest was created to demonstrate the framework’s ability to create complex environments and strategic dynamics in decentralized games. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Use prediction markets for forum management Smart contracts and auto-regulator bots are used to use prediction markets to reduce spam in online forums. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Micro Hybrid v2 Initiative Extension of MicroMix, a mixer based on ETH and ERC-20 signal, Including the ability to deploy new contracts for any denomination, a mixer registry that avoids split liquidity, enabling layer 2 deployment, and a fully open source and non-minified user interface. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof MPC phase 2 Jeff Lampard Produce a set of components for browser-based trusted setup ceremonies. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Optimistic safety assessment Kyle Chabone Security assessment of Optimism code base, generating a report detailing the design and code structure of Optimism, and pointing out security vulnerabilities. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Reputation certification service: design and specification Jay Graber The design and specification of a reputation proof service, which exports encrypted proof of user attributes from existing sites (such as Github or Twitter), which can be verified through sites or decentralized applications. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Credit Proof Service: Development Raphael Roulette Develop reputation certification services to export encrypted certification of user attributes from existing sites (such as Github or Twitter) for site or decentralized application verification. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Summary block browser site design Rachel Ackley Summarize the UX strategy and UI design of the browser dashboard, including research-based information architecture and visual recognition. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Summary diff compression Blagoi Dimovsk While the summary is used for airdrop use cases, research papers and proofs of concept are effectively stored on the blockchain. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof United society Design a smart contract that requires users to Joint Representative Office-Based on private and decentralized social media platforms Release at the risk of reputation, Any post will cause their total reputation score to decrease or increase. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof zk data market Jackson Liu Designed for trustlessness Data market The use of smart contracts allows the release of encrypted data for sale, and buyers can use part of the public data and the ZKP released by the seller to confirm the authenticity. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Zkopru stress test Stress testing, monitoring tools, CI settings, and cluster test scripts Zkopru, A layer 2 scaling solution for private transactions using zk-SNARK and optimistic aggregation. Developer experience and tools ETH Winter Educational Resources Nick Ulvin Convert resources from the ETH Winter Program (including Eth document introduction, tutor reading list, and tasks) into a publicly available format. Developer experience and tools GASOL: Gas Analysis and Optimization Toolkit Complutense University of Madrid Develop a super optimizer for Ethereum smart contracts, which is optimized block by block by searching for semantically equivalent to the original sequence in the block but consumes less instruction sequence, aiming to reduce overall transaction costs and increase transaction capacity. Developer experience and tools Game theory modeling software engine University of St. Gallen with Status box A software engine for game theory modeling of combinatorial games, such as auction mechanisms or governance structures, uses Combinatorial game theory. Developer experience and tools web3swift Provides a universal library of web3 functions in Swift language, and supports the construction of fully functional native dApps in the Mac/iOS ecosystem. Developer experience and tools Zkopru ceremony site design Rachel Ackley User-friendly website design Zkopru Summarize the credible setting ceremony. Executive layer Electronics Industrial Park 1559 R&D Besu Coordinate the preparation of EIP 1559 for adoption by core developers and customers. Executive layer Besu Maintenance and development of Besu eth1 client. Executive layer Void Mind Maintenance and development of Nethermind eth1 client. Executive layer Rain cloud Maintenance and development of Nimbus eth1 client. Executive layer Open Ethereum Maintenance and development of Erigon (fka TurboGeth) eth1 client. Executive layer Turbo Gaith Maintenance and development of OpenEthereum, acquisition of Parity client. Indirect funding Baseline agreement Funding Baseline appropriation Support the research, development, and adoption of a baseline protocol that allows companies to synchronize their systems of record and reduce costly errors in B2B transactions. Indirect funding CLR match Bitcoin Match funding with Gitcoin’s 9th and 10th rounds of CLR grants to fund public products in the Ethereum ecosystem. Indirect funding CLR.FND Develop a production-ready version of clr.fund, which is a decentralized secondary financing protocol using BrightID and MACI, which can provide Ethereum with protocol-level financing without permission, anonymity, and minimum trust. Level 2 StablePay Layer 2 SDK SDK used to accept payments and choose to convert them into stablecoins through multiple L2s through one API. Verifiable delay function Review of bigenicity research papers Benjamin Vesolowski An in-depth review of the research paper entitled “Big primes make me high: New results on biprimality testing” by Dmitry Khovratovich and Mary Maller was conducted to verify the breakthrough results of biprimity testing, which can facilitate large-scale RSA MPC.

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