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Community and education Prince House Education Proponent Couger Organize public meetings, workshops and working groups to produce prototypes and standards. Community and education Ethereum CN Chinese resources and community building, including eth2 resources and programs for college students. Community and education Truffle sponsor Truffle 2020 Virtual developer conference. Community and education Ethereum creates smart contracts Provide scholarships to 11 independent developers to participate in the smart contract development course “Ethereum Smart Contracts” at the National University of Bogotá. Community and education Discover the blockchain In the Ethereum Spanish education course, the speakers of each class are different, mainly from experts in Latin America. Community and education Indian Ecosystem Development Activities Organize virtual developer events for students from top engineering colleges in India. Community and education Devfolio scholarship An 8-week mentoring and education program provides individual training for experienced Ethereum developers and network developers without Ethereum experience. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof 4byte.table of Contents Students who support the ETH Summer program continue to work 4byte.table of Contents, A tool for mapping the 4-byte function selector used by EVM back to a list of known canonical function signatures. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Scaffolding project Students who support the ETH Summer program continue to work on various projects Bracket. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Blaine Bublitz, Ivan Chub, Jacob Rosenthal’s “Dark Forest” and ZK Tooling Improve zero-knowledge tools and infrastructure on the basis of continuous development of knowledge Dark forest. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Kautuk Kundan BLS Hubble Front End Create a front end that allows users to create accounts and interact with them Hubble And other applications that use BLS signatures. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Geoff Lamperd MPC Phase 2 User Interface Websites and other components used for browser-based trusted setup ceremonies, including server applications, browser-based clients, and Firebase backends for core functions. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Riya Singh Anonymous login with semaphore Proof of Concept Use signal For anonymous login, users are allowed to prove that they belong to the KYC user list without revealing their verified attributes (such as phone numbers) or notifying the KYC provider of the login purpose. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Cory Dickson MACI 1.0 Continue to develop the minimum collusion prevention infrastructure MVP in the designated direction v1.0 implementation. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Igor Gulamov conducts Hubble audit Security audit Hubble, Is an optimistic aggregation center that can create multiple chains with the same interface to improve the interoperability between ORU chains. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Opportunity Hudson Zepru infrastructure Improvements to the zero-knowledge optimistic summary tool and the developer ecosystem, including a testnet that can analyze the performance of zkopru under realistic conditions, and have multiple coordinators competing for batch creation in the following ways auctions Mechanism developed Aiden 3 Used in Hermez network. Developer experience and tools umbra The Bitcoin-style “stealth address” protocol on Ethereum allows the payer to send a public identifier (such as the ENS name or Ethereum public address) every time they send funds, when they create a new address controlled by the recipient. Developer experience and tools Obsidian on Ethereum Research and proof of concept by a group of students and professors from Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science To prove obsidian The smart contract language can be successfully translated into Ethereum. Developer experience and tools Yul Isabel The formal semantics of Yul is written in the Isabelle theorem prover to verify the compiler conversion. Developer experience and tools ETH learning The continuation of ETH Summer, this is a program designed to let students understand and develop on Ethereum. Developer experience and tools Chain security audit GSN v2 contract. Ethereum 1.x Void Heart Continue to support Nethermind in eth1 and .NET client enhancements. Ethereum 2.0 Rain cloud Continue to fund status Used to develop Nimbus eth2 client. Ethereum 2.0 ConsenSys Automated verification team Continue to work on formal modeling and verification of eth2 specification components. Ethereum 2.0 ethereum2-docker-compose Worker Rock logic Expand the ethereum2-docker-compose lofting node toolbox, including support for Teku and Lighthouse clients, as well as other functions, articles and documents. Ethereum 2.0 lighthouse Continuous development Sigma Prime Lighthouse Stake client of the Ethereum 2.0 network written in Rust. Ethereum 2.0 Raise community grants A round of special grants focused on tools used to improve the mortgage and verifier experience. Ethereum 2.0 Medalla data challenge Hackathon-style blogging competitions are mainly aimed at data tools, visualization, analysis or other ways to obtain data from the Medalla testnet. user experience To us Adopt the general method on L2 A standard for securely retrieving verified information from off-chain, including subdomain records from the ENS domain stored on L2, but has been commonly used for any data outside of the Ethereum mainnet. user experience Ethereal Support the integrated evaluation phase of the pilot project led by Etherisc and Acre Africa, which aims to provide small farmers in Kenya with blockchain-based agricultural microinsurance.

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