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Community and education Ethereum Cat Shepherd A community group that supports the core developers of Ethereum in project management, communication and coordination. Community and education Ethics Committee Ethereum France The developer and community meeting was held in Paris, France. Community and education Ethereum TGU Grassroots Ethereum community groups organize gatherings, seminars and developer events in Honduras. Community and education Ethereum Content and educational resources Nathan Leung Undergraduates participate in community building and educational resources Ethereum summer study plan. Community and education Ethereum: Ethereum Spring Community development Scott Moses Sunato Community building and support for ETH Spring undergraduate study plan, and content formatting and migration to ETH Spring website For mass consumption. Community and education Ethereum: Ethereum summer Teresa Kressaria with Scott Moses Sunato Manage ETH Summer, a virtual project to introduce Ethereum to undergraduate computer science and mathematics students. Community and education Smart contract audit training camp Safety A structured plan for training aspiring auditors for smart contract security and auditing. Community and education Ethereum public goods fund mapping Sumeda Deshmukh A research project that maps the pattern of public welfare funds in the Ethereum ecosystem. Community and education Crypto Fund 2021 UNICEF Investment funds denominated in cryptocurrencies are targeted at startups that use blockchain technology to generate social impact. Consensus layer Eth2 crawler Safety chain DiscV5 crawler, API and front-end are used to capture and interact with the information of the beacon chain nodes. Consensus layer Fast hash curve research Dimitri Koshelev Research and write articles about BLS12-381’s faster hash to G2 hash function for potential performance optimization in SNARK, L2 dapp, etc. Consensus layer Three-dimensional Rock logic The Docker image is for individual mortgagers to install the beacon chain client and dependencies in a single setup, and supports all production clients on the testnet and mainnet. Consensus layer Beacon blur Prime Minister Sigma Continue to maintain and develop Beacon Fuzz, a beacon chain testing framework, including performance optimization, integration of new clients and targets, and testing of new Altair features for errors or vulnerabilities. Consensus layer lighthouse Prime Minister Sigma Continue to develop the lighthouse beacon chain client. Consensus layer Beacon chain activity improvement Stanford University Tse Lab Research solutions to potential liveness attacks against the consensus algorithm of the Ethereum beacon chain. Consensus layer Ethereum Mortgage Committee Japan Through the understanding, education and support of the engineering community, as well as the cultivation of the Japanese staking environment from technical, regulatory and commercial perspectives, we will strive to expand staking in Japan. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof ZK games Justin Gribert The latest research on using zkSNARKs in the blockchain game mechanism to build decentralized real-time strategy games. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof Camouflage tree optimization Dag Arne Oswick implement cl tree The data structure of stateless Ethereum. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof MPC Phase 2 UI enhancement Jeff Lampard Improved the second stage MPC trusted settings UI to achieve a faster and more streamlined process, based on the Zkopru MPC. Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof ZK development tools Jacob Rosenthal and Brian Bublitz Development tools to improve the ZK developer experience, including Dark forest, circus, with helmet . Cryptography and zero-knowledge proof ETHUni: Private Data Market POC Nick Ulvin Use zkSNARK to develop a proof-of-concept chain market for secret or licensed data. Developer experience and tools Fund management interface fund Improve the user experience of the clr.fund decentralized secondary financing agreement, including improving the clr.fund deployer, sub-pictures, document archives, a new MACI circuit that allows expansion to millions of users, and a credible setup ceremony. Developer experience and tools Vyper/Fe officially validated the compiler Formalized.eth Formally verified conversion iron Smart contract language Yul And to support the development of functions required for a complete ERC20 implementation. Developer experience and tools Vibox Heiko Burkhart The graphical representation of the smart contract architecture enables users to analyze and interact with contracts on the mainnet and testnet (including the local testnet). Developer experience and tools Gas Cost Estimator Stage II application A systematic method for estimating the gas cost of EVM OPCODE, taking into account the differences in hardware, software, and programming environment, in order to provide information for the discussion of adjusting OPCODE prices. Developer experience and tools Formal verification of Yul compiler conversion Kestrel Research Institute The formalization of Yul language semantics, as well as the application and extension of existing formal verification and equivalence checking tools, to prove the correctness of Yul compiler optimization Developer experience and tools Research on Decentralized Community Management Other internet Research reports and papers on decentralized community management, analyze organizational composition, communication and conflict resolution, and propose best practices in community management. Developer experience and tools GCatch++ Pennsylvania State University The extension of GCatch, a system that detects concurrent errors in Go programs, applies channel-related non-blocking error detection to the Ethereum client. Developer experience and tools Transaction classification model Rocky Open source libraries and pattern sets used to decode Ethereum transactions and classify related operations (for example, classify transactions as CLR donations, token exchanges, or add liquidity to AMM). Developer experience and tools Decentralized identity tool symphony An open source toolkit for decentralized identity and verification credentials on Ethereum, including wallets, data containers, and SDKs. Executive layer Nethermind execution client Void Mind Continue to maintain and develop the Nethermind execution client. Executive layer First layer R&D Quilt Support the continuous research and development of the function and security of the layer 1 protocol. Executive layer Nimbus execution client status Continue to maintain and develop the Nimbus execution client. Executive layer Fluffy Portal client status development of Fluffy light client, Designed for Portal network, Designed to perform standard wallet operations by accessing the necessary APIs without the need to synchronize the complete state, so that resource-constrained devices can contribute to the Ethereum network. Executive layer Erigon Torque Torquem (fka TurboGeth) performs ongoing maintenance and development of the client. Level 2 Plonkit fluid Develop Plonkit, a usable zkSNARK toolkit circus inside Pronk Proof system, including proof generation, verification key derivation, verification contract generation and recursive proof combination. Level 2 Arbitrator review Cave Zetler Review the Arbitrum system and code base, report any vulnerabilities to the Arbitrum team, similar to those previously supported Optimism Review. Level 2 L2Beat A website showing usage statistics and risk factors to compare Tier 2 scaling solutions. user experience BrightID Promote BrightID’s social identity network infrastructure, including strengthening node security and anti-witch protection, building a Web client, and enabling blind signatures. user experience ZK Games design support Mo Gianni Provide design support and artwork for teams working on experimental ZK games and applications.

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