EEA and OASIS join forces to provide Nexus for the open source development of the Ethereum standard

Ethereum OASIS Open Project Transition to the new EEA community project

Wakefield, Massachusetts and Woburn, Massachusetts – June 29, 2021 – Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) with Oasis Open Announced today, Ethereum OASIS Open Project,home’s Baseline agreementAnd will now be at Community Projects in the European Economic AreaThis move takes advantage of the advantages of the two standards bodies and builds on EEA’s leadership role in Ethereum commercial standards, while continuing to rely on OASIS’s expertise in supporting open source and open standard development.Formation Community Projects in the European Economic Area Send a signal to the world that there is now a central location for developing business standards related to Ethereum and advancing new projects.

“The Ethereum OASIS open project has become the preferred community for Ethereum development based on open source standards, such as the baseline protocol plan. Transition of Ethereum OASIS to a new Community Projects in the European Economic Area It will enable the Ethereum business ecosystem to utilize a wider resource network and further accelerate innovation,” said Dan Burnett, EEA executive director and chairman of the EEA Community Project Management Committee. “We look forward to working together to describe the future of Ethereum’s innovation and cooperation. “

  • Learn more about the partnership from Dan Burnett of EEA and Guy Martin of OASIS Open at the free EEA Ethereum anniversary special event held on July 29.Register to register Here.
  • understand deeper Community Projects in the European Economic Area At the free EEA monthly education series on August 11, 2021.Register to register Here.

create Community Projects in the European Economic Area It will expand the range of partners, talented developers and engineers dedicated to solving similar problems, and will help the community to innovate faster around initiatives such as the baseline agreement.current Project Management Committee and Technical Steering Committee Will continue to assume their role.

“OASIS respects EEA’s leadership in the Ethereum ecosystem and its commitment to driving cross-industry adoption,” said Guy Martin, executive director of OASIS Open. “EEA is critical to the formation, development, and success of this project. With the continued support of the OASIS standard process, we are happy to bring the community together under the banner of EEA. It marks a milestone in distributed technology and is also coordinating A big step forward in the open source and open standards community.”

By transitioning to Community Projects in the European Economic Area, The Ethereum OASIS Open Project will continue to sponsor the project, and will continue to allow frictionless participation among developers who are actively involved in the development of clear, open standards, first-class documentation, and shared test suites to promote new features and enhancements in the Ethereum ecosystem Features.

“As the founding sponsor of the Ethereum OASIS Open Project, the European Economic Area has participated in the program from the very beginning, including the baseline protocol initiative to promote the mainnet business use cases. We are very happy to bring the two communities together Community Projects in the European Economic Area Flag, cooperate on how tools such as Baseline provide value to consumer-oriented industries through peer-to-peer transactions and services,” said John Whelan, chairman of the European Economic Area board of directors and managing director of digital assets at Santander Bank.

Community Projects in the European Economic Area Sponsors providing strategic vision, governance and technical guidance for this work include Accenture, Chainlink, ConsenSys, European Economic Area, Ernst & Young, Morpheus Network, Nethermind, Provide, Splunk and Unibright. Sponsors can choose to serve on the project management committee, where they approve community-generated work and proposals for new open source projects.To learn more about becoming a sponsor or joining the project management committee, please visit Here Or contact Community Projects in the European Economic Area administration staff.

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“As a founding member of OASIS Open and EEA, we are proud to participate in the amazing growth of the Baseline Protocol and EEA communities. This Community Projects in the European Economic Area It is a logical next step that will strengthen the development of the entire Ethereum.This Community Projects in the European Economic Area It aims to increase the level of business collaboration needed to benefit the entire Ethereum.We welcome all who are interested Community Projects in the European Economic Area,” Jo​​hn Wolpert, Executive Officer of ConsenSys Enterprise Mainnet Group, Chairman of Baseline Protocol Technical Steering Committee, and Vice Chairman of EEA Mainnet Working Group.

“We are very pleased to see the evolution of EEA, the Ethereum OASIS open project has become an EEA community project. Standards are essential for enterprises to adopt blockchain, so we appreciate any effort to simplify its development and progress. We hope to develop business with Ethereum Developers of related technologies can accelerate the pace of Ethereum’s innovation,” Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf (Brian Behlendorf).

About the European Economic Area

This Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) Enable organizations to adopt and use Ethereum technology in daily business operations. EEA enables the Ethereum ecosystem to develop new business opportunities, drive industry adoption, and learn and collaborate.This Community Projects in the European Economic Area It will help companies to innovate faster around standards and project plans that are beneficial to the entire Ethereum.To learn more about joining the EEA, please contact [email protected] Or visit

About the Oasis Open

As one of the most respected non-profit open source and open standards organizations in the world, OASIS promotes the fair and transparent development of open source software and standards through global collaboration and the power of the community. Many OASIS standards continue to be approved by legal agencies and are cited in international policies and government procurement.

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