EEA members focus on Richard Ma, CEO and co-founder of Quantstamp

As a member of the European Economic Area, Quantstamp It is part of the EEA community organization dedicated to advancing Ethereum and promoting industry adoption. In the Q&A below, EEA interviewed Richard Ma about the way Quantstamp works with the ecosystem to help Ethereum reach its full potential.

Please briefly introduce your company and yourself.

I am the CEO of Quantstamp, a leader in the field of blockchain security, and a strategic thinker who cares about the well-being of those around me. Quantstamp’s mission is to promote the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology through our security services. To date, Quantstamp has conducted more than 200 audits for our customers and protected digital assets worth more than 100 billion U.S. dollars from hacker attacks.

What brought you to the EEA in the first place, and why did you decide to become a member of it?

We become a member of the EEA’s broad community and membership base in order to collaborate with other companies around best practices to assist NGOs, governments, and private companies in the secure implementation of Ethereum technology. We are very happy to put our experience on the table, including working with the World Economic Forum to help governments and other stakeholders understand the technology choices and trade-offs related to the development of CBDC, and to protect Ethereum 2.0 (Prysm and Teku customers), etc. Cutting-edge projects), Maker, Compound, Curve and Beeple B.20

The infrastructure of tomorrow is being built today, and the European Economic Area is a good place to work on this infrastructure with our colleagues. We are pleased to be able to use our security expertise to help other EEA members and the wider private industry safely make this transition.

What is your current work on Ethereum? How will end users benefit from your work?

We are continuously reviewing multiple DeFi and NFT projects at any given time. End users benefit from our work because they can participate in the digital economy with a higher degree of security. When someone is interested in using DeFi agreements or buying NFT-driven assets, they will be excited when they hear that Quantstamp protects them. We are honored to have won this trust, and we intend to continue to win this trust.

What is the EEA project you are most interested in?

We are very happy to work with EEA members, communities and teams to develop security technical specifications for enterprise-level Ethereum implementation. Interoperability is one of Ethereum’s strengths, but every part needs security to make it work. We are happy to be part of the European Economic Area and help achieve this goal.

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