EEA members focus on Tetsushi Hisata, founder and CEO of Datachain

As a member of the European Economic Area, Data link It is part of the EEA community organization dedicated to advancing Ethereum and promoting industry adoption. In the following Q&A, EEA interviewed founder and CEO Tetsushi Hisata to understand how Datachain can contribute to the ecosystem to help Ethereum reach its full potential.

Please briefly introduce your company and yourself.

I am the founder and CEO of Datachain, a startup company dedicated to solving the challenges of blockchain interoperability. Datachain decided to join EEA because we want to learn and participate in the community around interoperable technologies. We are happy to join EEA’s cross-chain interoperability working group to learn more and discuss how to improve interoperability.

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Datachain has been working on the interoperability work called YUI. “YUI” is a Japanese word meaning to tie, connect and connect, YUI project It is a Hyperledger laboratory used to achieve interoperability between multiple heterogeneous ledgers. The YUI project provides modules, applications and middleware for cross-chain communication and development, including browsers for tracking the status and events of the cross-chain environment. Since YUI supports enterprise Ethereum (such as Hyperledger Besu) and public Ethereum, it can connect the Ethereum blockchain with other blockchains to expand the possibilities.

How will end users benefit from your Ethereum interoperability work?

In the modules of the YUI project, apply the Cosmos IBC protocol to the enterprise space to achieve interoperability between various blockchain platforms without relying on third-party trust. We focus on achieving IBC-Solidity, The Solidity implementation of IBC (Interchain Communication) was funded by the Interchain Foundation. With the implementation of IBC-Solidity, the Ethereum blockchain will interoperate with other blockchain infrastructures that use IBC.We are also working on Cross-frame, Which makes cross-chain transactions between different blockchains possible.

How will EEA strengthen your organization’s current efforts?

Through participation EEA’s cross-chain interoperability working group And contact the members of the EEA community, we hope to consider the commercialization of Datachain technology in specific projects. In Japan, we have been cooperating with companies such as NTT Data and Hitachi on interoperability, and EEA will help us expand our work globally.

Which aspects of EEA are you most interested in?

The Ethereum blockchain, whether corporate or public, is used in various projects around the world. We believe that when these projects are connected with projects on other blockchain platforms, they will create new value.

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