eth2 quick update number. twenty two

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Eth2 seminar: Eth1 + Eth2 merger and sharding

Last week, the EF eth2 research team held an online seminar that focused on the two major upgrades of the beacon chain plan-eth1 + eth2 merger and sharding.

Customer developers eth1 and eth2 and researchers from the entire stack listened to a set of dynamic presentations, questions and answers and discussions. This conference (including the speeches of Dankrad, Vitalik, Mikhail and Guillaume) was broadcast live, ready for you to use!

Just a quick plugin for all the grants announced this week Raise community grants. This is a great success and contains many great projects!

I am very excited to see that the Ethereum ecosystem continues to flourish🌸.

January 2021, Eth2 State

I wrote a large post about the eth2 project in early 2021 (from my perspective).

It is still relevant.check it out Here 🚀

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