European Economic Area members focus on Cartesi Head of Expansion Vinicius Farias Ribeiro

As a member of the European Economic Area, Catsey It is part of the EEA community organization dedicated to advancing Ethereum and promoting industry adoption. In the following Q&A, the European Economic Area interviewed Vinicius Farias Ribeiro, head of expansion, to understand how Cartesi contributes to the ecosystem to help Ethereum reach its full potential.

Please briefly introduce your company and yourself.

Hi everyone, I’m Vinicius Farias Ribeiro, Cartesi’s head of expansion. I have extensive experience in mainstream business development activities, and I am eager to help Cartesi bridge the gap between the blockchain and the mainstream.

Today, blockchain is a niche market. Due to the inconvenience of blockchain, only 0.1% of developers have explored blockchain. Developers deal with very strict environments and cannot use mainstream software to write smart contracts. Through operating systems like Linux, they can use existing software and tools to create blockchain applications. Cartesi is a layer 2 solution that integrates Linux and standard programming environments into the blockchain-allowing developers to write scalable smart contracts using the rich software tools and components they are used to. Cartesi bridges the gap between mainstream software and blockchain, and welcomes millions of developers to join the blockchain.

What made you join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance in the first place, and why did you decide to become a member?

While preserving its public roots, Ethereum continues to expand the scope that developers, companies, and consortia can achieve by focusing on standards such as privacy, permissions, and open architecture.

EEA is bringing enterprises into Ethereum, promoting innovation and advancing the development of the network. This is related to our proposition: the development of a multi-functional layer 2 Linux infrastructure to overcome the scalability, computing and infrastructure issues of blockchain applications.

What is your current work on Ethereum? How will end users benefit from your work?

Cartesi is developing a scalable layer 2 solution compatible with Ethereum. We are currently studying the computing power (Cartesian) and storage (Noether) solutions of the blockchain.

In addition, various developers can use our technology to write scalable smart contracts using the rich software tools they are accustomed to. There are no barriers to using blockchain technology. Think about the infinite possibilities for people to create solutions for a fairer and more inclusive world!

How will the EEA strengthen the current work of your organization?

We hope to work with other EEA members to promote the use of Ethereum as an open standard to empower all enterprises. More specifically, Cartesi can help guide the millions of developers working for these companies to use blockchain.

We invite EEA members to join Catcy Laboratories: An ongoing project run by the Cartesi Foundation to fund the research and development of decentralized systems using the Cartesi technology stack.

What is the EEA project you are most interested in?

We are very happy to join and contribute to EEA work and interest groups, and participate in the AMA organized by EEA.

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