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Altair pre-release version has been released

In the past week, the pre-release specification of the beacon chain Altair – Stargazer v1.1.0-alpha.1 with Half of them look like dots v1.1.0-alpha.2 -released. These represent the first fully functional version of the upcoming Altair upgrade to the beacon chain, and provide the engineering team with something worthy of in-depth study.

Altair is an upgraded version of the beacon chain. It provides customers with lightweight support, small patches for rewards, accounting of inactivity leaks for each validator, the severity of the drastic reduction, and the cleanup of rewards for validators to simplify State management.

In addition to these various functions, Altair also provides “warm-up upgrades” for the beacon chain and beacon chain clients. Since its inception, the Ethereum proof-of-stake system has been running fairly smoothly, but before executing a high-risk merger, the client team hopes to undergo a real-time upgrade process to further test and prepare its code base and real-time system.

The customer team is currently integrating changes from the pre-release version and providing feedback along the way. After completing this process, we will cut the full version and start the testnet phase.

Public call: Security RfP

Last week, EF released Beacon chain security + test RfP. An open call for proposals aimed at improving the security, analysis and testing of the beacon chain. In addition to customer engineering, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to continue to review, improve and strengthen the beacon chain system before the merger, and we hope to introduce more teams with various expertise to conduct mining.

View RfP Potential focus areas For information on some ideas, but if you have trouble narrowing these different areas into more refined proposals, please feel free to email for some guidance. Provide some background about your or your team’s skills and experience, as well as some basic guidance, we can work together to improve the recommendations.

If you know a team or individual that may be a good fit for this RfP, please forward it together!

Merge progress

The merger progress is heating up 🔥

What is the merger you requested? This is the unification of Ethereum’s application layer (currently supported by proof of work) and Ethereum’s proof-of-stake consensus layer (beacon chain). Although the beacon chain has been activated, there is currently only a consensus on itself, but after the merger, the beacon chain will become the driver of all dapps, smart contracts and accounts you use today.

In the past few weeks, the merger design has been continuously improved.Check out Mikhail’s latest developments Specification PR The latest synthesis for the consolidation plan and structure. We hope that these basic designs can be quickly integrated into the specification and enable the engineering team to start the next wave of demonstration and testnet work.

In addition to our asynchronous research, design and engineering, we also initiate a conference call every two weeks to increase collaboration among many teams.You can follow up the progress and actively participate Eth R&D discord #Merge channels🚀

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