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Rayonism☀️, invade and merge together

This week, protolambda and others released plans Rayonism, This is an ambitious month-long hacking program that can create Merge devnets according to the current specifications. Its expansion goal is to add shards and L2 summary integration to these devnets.

The main motivation is to unify the development around the unified merger specification to firmly incorporate all client teams into the merger design and process so that an informed decision on the merger roadmap can be reached in the coming months. That, and have a little fun 🙂

In addition to humanism, merge glasses with Designing Documents Great progress is being made. Shout out to Mikhail and the many commentators and contributors who pushed this forward!

Learn more about rayon Here And join us Eth R&D discord #Rayonism☀️Channel to participate!

blst Security Consultation

Yesterday, Supranational released Security Consultation in order to blst Nowadays, all beacon chain customers are now using the BLS library in production.

In the difference blur process of the blst library, Guido Vranken, He found that blst may produce incorrect results for some input values ​​in the inverse function.This was patched in blst freed Three weeks have passed and it has been released to all beacon chain customers.

Although there is no actual use method for this problem, it is recommended that all users running the beacon chain client should upgrade to the latest version to prevent discovery of the use method.Similarly, if you use blst In your project, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible.

[Note: Teku was not running an affected version of blst, but they have some juicy optimizations recently so you might as well upgrade anyway]

You can Public Security Consultation in blst Repurchase.

Beacon chain security + test RfP

remind!Have an outstanding Beacon chain security + test RfP.

EF is looking for proposals to further improve the security and robustness of the beacon chain and the upcoming merger (migration from PoW to PoS). Real-time network analysis, formal verification, client load testing, new consensus carriers – just to name a few possible paths.

Be creative! Given the skills of you and your team, there may be a valuable way to contribute to the security of the system.

Proposals should be submitted on April 20 🚀

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