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It is always interesting to hear that new grants are awarded, but what happens after the announcement? In this series, we will check several projects that are in progress-or are already on the finish line. Read on to learn about some recent milestones and achievements of the grantees! Technical Specifications and Resources of SSZ-SimpleSerialize

When preparing to move to proof of stake, the core developers of Ethereum have taken this opportunity to modify certain elements of the Ethereum protocol. This is the case with SSZ, or SecondImplement Secondantennawithe, the standardized serialization format of the Ethereum PoS consensus layer.

Serialization is the process of converting data into a certain format for transmission or storage-in the case of SSZ, the consensus data is converted into bytes to be expressed as Merkel treeAlthough SSZ was created for Ethereum, it is intended to be extended to other use cases. With this in mind, SSZ was created to make it easier for developers inside and outside the Ethereum ecosystem to access SSZ. received funding in March 2021, roll out In May, and continued to grow. It is full of resources, some are original, and some are collected from previous community efforts, suitable for anyone who wants to use SSZ to learn or build. Some highlights:

  • Showcase: Use variables of different serialization types, and treat the output as serialized values ​​and Merkle tree details.
  • accomplish: List of active SSZ implementations and their basic functions (language, license, maintainer, etc.)
  • test: Integrate test suites built by different implementers and general information such as terminology, output format and test configuration

There is already a lot of great content, but Still in progress. Whether you are a serial serializer or interested in SSZ, we welcome your feedback and contributions!visit Github repository Comment or contribute.

CADCAD Education Edition for cadCAD masterclass: Ethereum validator economics

CadCAD, a project Block science, Is a Open source Simulation framework Complex adaptive dynamics (CAD), which brings the advantages of computer-aided design (Computer Aided Design) To the design and verification of complex systems such as blockchain networks. CADCAD Education Edition The purpose of its establishment is to provide educational resources for the use of cadCAD in system engineering settings.

The first cadCAD Edu course, a beginner-level training camp and the “cadCAD Hacks” series for intermediate users, the focus is on learning to use the cadCAD framework for modeling and simulation. Through their first master class, the cadCAD EDU team hopes to let students improve their cadCAD skills through the practical experience of a complex system that we all know and love: Ethereum.Specifically, the course introduces Computer Aided Design Library and Ethereum economic model, Students use it to simulate and experiment with Ethereum validator economics.

After receiving funding in early 2021, Ethereum validator economics masterclass roll out Early September. The course includes approximately 3 hours of lectures as well as Jupyter notebooks, exercises, and exams. A certificate will be awarded after completing all course requirements.The course is Free for anyone, Although you need a solid knowledge of Ethereum and cadCAD to take full advantage of it.

At the same time, the Ethereum economic model has a life of its own.It was designed in collaboration with EF for the master class Robust Incentive Group, But has developed into a powerful and versatile research tool.this Repurchase Contains complete documentation for researchers, engineers, stakeholders, or anyone else who might like to use or build models-or you can check the front-end simulator at No technical skills are required to see its actual effect.

follow @cadCAD_org with @cadCAD_Edu News and updates!

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