India’s Ethereum contribution benefits the entire ecosystem-Q&A with Samrat Kishor, representative of the Indian region of the European Economic Area

Regional Representative of the European Economic Area, Samrat Kishore, Partner of Golden Next Ventures, Co-Chairman of Baseline Protocol.

EEA recently appointed Samrat Kishor as its new EEA regional representative in India. Samrat will provide local support to ensure that regional EEA members are in a good position to use EEA plans, interest groups, working groups and resources to achieve their expected business results.

He is an accomplished person, he is passionate about Ethereum and benefits everyone. Samrat’s expertise and leadership will help accelerate the adoption of Ethereum and support the activities of EEA’s growing membership base.

The following is a question and answer from Samrat about his experience, his new EEA regional representative role, and his insights on local trends.To get in touch with Samrat, please Member Portal of the European Economic Area Or through Twitter or LinkedIn.

Please tell us some information about you and your company.

I have worked with consulting giants such as KPMG, Deloitte and Accenture Strategy. I am the mentor of Startup India, B-Nest Smart City Incubator and Atal Innovation Mission. All projects are run by the Indian government. In addition, I am also the co-chair of the EEA community project Baseline Protocol.

As the regional head of the European Economic Area, I am very happy to be able to take on this additional responsibility.

I am also a partner of Golden Next Ventures and New Era Venture Fund, where we invest in early stage startups [by establishing] Trust and sympathy for the founder. We are building a close community of founders who can grow into bonds and fund the next wave of promising ideas.We work with companies that focus on blockchain, artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and quantum computing

As a regional representative of India, how do you hope to have a positive impact on the European Economic Area?

I hope to work with the existing members of the EEA to help them obtain business opportunities so that they can flourish as the blockchain begins to receive more mainstream attention. Specifically, I intend to serve as a local point of contact for individuals in companies and startups who may want to understand the core benefits of their EEA membership and are more willing to talk to people they know.

I plan to hold an introductory conference and serve as a guest speaker at important events, which will help us promote Ethereum and EEA and its membership rights to professionals and students. Overall, all of this should increase the adoption rate of Ethereum and the integration of suitable talents in the Ethereum ecosystem.

What current trends have you seen in India, and how do you think they are different from other regions?

The current trend in India is divided into two aspects:

First, developers have more and more interest and expertise in building blockchain technology. Second, the company has conducted trials and now understands that it is worthwhile to invest time and resources in actual use cases. Usually, the big companies I talked to hesitate because of small challenges such as speed, scalability, and negative news caused by price increases or hacking of cryptocurrency exchanges. They usually need an educational experience to understand that the Ethereum world brings them a lot of benefits.

It is worth noting that some of the best blockchain contributions come from India. Ethereum has been at the center of the discussion due to the increase in the price of ETH, but the community in India has benefited greatly from the education programs carried out by the Ethereum Foundation, EEA, and Consensys.

What made you join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance in the first place, and why did you decide to become a member?

I have been following the activities and events of the EEA, but I have been deeply involved in the activities of other members through the baseline agreement. I decided to become a member because I saw a way to add value to the alliance, so I contacted the EEA member team to express my interest in contributing to the development of EEA.

Please tell us about your work in the EEA community project.

I am the co-chair of the Baseline Protocol, which is being developed with the support of the EEA community project. I have been working in this group for almost 1.5 years, which helped me realize the value of baselines. Another project I have been following is the establishment of an Indian community for Baseline. Part of it involves holding weekly office hours. We invite guests from different industries to discuss their data synchronization problems and explore how the Baseline Protocol solves these problems.

In addition, I recently joined a working group under the EEA community project. The working group is committed to Ethereum’s L2 scalability standard. suggestion. Finally, I am advising a company that is building a gold-backed crypto token, which will again leverage Ethereum.

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