Introducing the EEA DeFi Interest Group

If you haven’t paid attention to the field of decentralized finance (DeFi), then it’s time to pay attention. DeFi has quickly become a major element of the Ethereum ecosystem and continues to receive attention. Since its inception, the space has grown significantly and is growing every day.At the time of writing, the market value of DeFi is Over $146B, There are more than US$200B locked in the DeFi platform And have 220 Ethereum-based DeFi projects. Quite impressive numbers! At the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), we understand the importance of this dynamic sector, and like all elements of the Ethereum ecosystem, our goal is to educate our members and equip them with what they need to promote business development in this field Tool of. For this reason, we want to take a moment to highlight our DeFi interest group, which is open to all EEA members.

If you are directly involved in DeFi, want to get into it, or just want to learn more about the opportunities DeFi offers, this group is for you. Here is how to participate:

what: Our DeFi interest group is a forum where DeFi projects, financial institutions, technology providers and other EEA community members can exchange knowledge and information about DeFi applications, technologies, tools and practices to promote meaningful impact and initiatives , To promote the adoption of Ethereum technology.

The group is co-chaired by Ajit Tripathi, Head of Institutional Business at Aave, John Ho, Head of Legal and Financial Markets at Standard Chartered Bank, and Nikolas Casagrande, Vice President of Digital Innovation and Strategy at Citizens Bank and an independent member of the European Economic Area. Together, they bring finance and district to this group. Decades of experience and leadership in the blockchain field.

WHO: The DeFi interest group is looking for current and new EEA members who work in the DeFi field or wish to enter the field and learn from current DeFi leaders.

Why join:

  • networking: Participating in this group provides an opportunity to meet and build relationships with experienced DeFi leaders and pioneers in the field. The participation of interest groups promotes qualified introductions among members, which helps build your network and advance your business goals. It also provides valuable exposure for your work.
  • educate: This interest group provides a welcome forum for members to expand their DeFi knowledge and learn directly from leaders in the industry. It also provides an opportunity to develop broader public education around DeFi and assist in the evolving DeFi ecosystem. By promoting the publication of use cases, research papers, and other materials, the group can help educate and support regulators, policymakers, financial institutions, etc. Education is the backbone of this group: members receive important education to improve their knowledge base, and they influence DeFi education in the wider community.
  • Incubation working groups and activities: The work of this DeFi interest group will help create space for members to be interested in and structure for future working groups in this field. Participants of the interest group can determine the cross-industry issues that the working group can solve and promote the formulation of the working group to increase the visibility of the group. In addition, participants can also organize other types of activities-webinars, conferences, seminars, etc.-to bring members and other interested parties together to discuss ideas, issues and challenges in the field.

when: The DeFi interest group meets every other Wednesday at 11 am Eastern Time.

how: Current members should log in to the member collaboration site and join the interest group to receive future updates and meeting invitations.

If you want to participate but are not yet an EEA member, please arrange a meeting with an EEA member growth expert James Hash Or contact him [email protected]. You can also contact [email protected] Or visit

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