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Upgrade London, it’s you!

The highly anticipated Ethereum mainnet upgrade-London-has a fork block, and the mainnet client version has been released. As mentioned earlier, in order to allow verifiers to deposit, the beacon chain verifiers reach a consensus on the state of the proof-of-work chain and process deposits in order from there.

In order to maintain this link, All mainnet validators They must upgrade their proof-of-work nodes (often referred to as “eth1 endpoints”).

See London Announcement more details.

🚨🚨🚨 Warning🚨🚨🚨

Due to an issue found on the Ropsten testnet last week (see Retrospective), Go to Ethereum (geth), Void Mind, and Erigon As of late last week, the new key version has been cut. If you upgraded the proof-of-work node before these versions, You have to upgrade again Maintain consensus after London.

The London fork is expected to take place between August 3 and 5, 2021. There is no more time than now– Upgrade it!

Consolidation-List and draft EIP

Mikhail, Tim and I formed a public-facing “List of Preparations for Merging Main Nets”This records the various tasks required to get us from here to the merger, helping the client team to coordinate and providing a better view of the progress for the community.Please note that this list is beautiful High level, And its purpose is as a help. Many more specific organizations and communications around each point occur on the phone, discordant chats, independent buybacks, etc.

In addition, if you want to get more technical information, Mikhail, Vitalik, and I have just released a merge specification of the executive level perspective in the form Draft of Eco-industrial ParkThis does not contain any major surprises, but it is a crucial step towards the next wave of Merge development!

Altair progress

Altair is the first major upgrade of Beacon Chain. After launching two small development networks composed of nodes and validators mainly run by the client team, the progress went very smoothly. With these first development networks, we moved from the alpha version to the beta version, because all teams have reviewed the feature set, and now there are all expected improvements in the specification- v1.1.0-beta.2 Macakwe.

This week, we expect to see another devnet release and then discuss choosing a fork date Pyrmont, A long-standing beacon chain test network. This will bring more and larger node operators, and lay the foundation for the final wave of testing and the selection of the target release date for the main network.

For more background information on what, why and how Altair is, check out this excellent set of Altair PEEPanEIP provided by Ethereum Cat Herders:

  1. #34: Altair-Alex Stokes’ Accounting Reform
  2. #35: Upgrade the Altair Beacon chain with Vitalik and Danny
  3. #38: Adrian Sutton’s Altair in Teku

Finally, preparing the Beacon Chain code base for the first upgrade is an interesting but challenging task. This is a huge shout out to all the excellent work done by the client team to bring us closer to this important milestone 🚀

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