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Altair Road Edition🛣⭐️


Pyrmont fork, testing

After a series of small but very valuable Altair development networks, the large public test network Pyrmont was upgraded last week. The transition to Altair went smoothly, laying the foundation for the next wave of testing and upgrades.

This week, because we ran a lot of testing scenarios In To be deprecated Test net. do not panic! As of this writing, Pyrmont has 482 epochs with no finality, and a large number of validators have been offline for several days. This type of testing helps eliminate extreme cases in the consensus code and highlights client-side problems when handling load under special circumstances.


With the upgrade of Pyrmont, Prater-a larger, longer-term test network-is coming soon. The customer team has agreed on an upgrade date on September 2 (12pm UTC).View the complete configuration of the Altair Prater network here.

Pay close attention to the client version that includes the Prater fork configuration. These should drop next week and allow you to upgrade testnet nodes in preparation for the fork next Thursday.

After the Prater upgrade, now is a good time to trigger various actions on the network-exit the validator and let yourself be punished-have fun!

When is the mainnet Altair?

Although there is still a lot to do between here and there, the Altair main network fork is fast approaching. Assuming Pyrmont’s test is relatively stable and the Prater upgrade is successful, the client team’s goal is to launch the Altair mainnet by the end of September🚀

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