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Altair is approaching quickly. Upgrade your node! now!

🚨Upgrade to Altair before October 27th 🚨

As in Previously completed post, Altair is scheduled to go live in the 74240 Era – October 27, 2021, at 10:56:23 AM UTC.See Altair mainnet announcement Detailed information about who, how and why.

I just want to say that the upgrade is about a week later, so the time to upgrade your node is now. If you run a validator on the beacon chain, you must Upgrade before the Altair upgrade era, or you will be penalized for downtime.

notes: 3 out of 5 mainnet clients-Teku, Lighthouse and Prysm-since the initial Altair announcement (updated list here).Since these new versions contain a combination of security patches and optimizations, we high Even if you have already upgraded for Altair, it is recommended to run the latest client version.

Upgrade now! 🚀

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