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Kintsugi 🍵 in progress

In early November, Kintsugi🍵’s one-month Merge sprint began!Golden Glasses with Milestone/plan It has been released, and now the client team is sprinting in depth, with the goal of launching a permanent testnet in the first week of December.

Kintsugi specifications include all the learning and fine adjustments Amphora interoperabilityTherefore, Kintsugi’s November sprint is to (1) merge new change sets and (2) improve and produce Merge implementations. Kintsugi will launch a durable multi-client testnet during the December holiday and will serve as the basis for the merger plan formulated in January.

The customer team is currently completing milestones-building features, running tests, and conducting initial interoperability experiments with other customers. In addition, Merge devnet will be launched every week this month—— merge-devnet-0 Is the latest.

If you are interested in testing the Merge software, please pay close attention to the client version and testnet instructions. We hope that many people in the community will be able to participate after the Kintsugi testnet is launched in the first week of December.

After this testnet goes online, the relevant EIP and specifications will be entered Last call In this state, the team and individuals conducted a final review of the change set before it was released freezeAfter that, as our team completes the test and prepares for the mainnet launch, the public proof of work and the group testnet will undergo a merger and transition in the new year.

Upgrade to Arrow Glacier

Although Finalized Mainly deal with the consensus layer of Ethereum, The imminent (minor) upgrade to the current proof-of-work chain is critical for users running the validator. Around December 8, 2021, Arrow Glacier will dismantle the difficult bomb, delaying it for several months.See Arrow Glacier Announcement More detailed information about upgrades and related client versions.

If you run the validator, Please upgrade your “eth1 endpoint” (PoW node) before Wednesday, December 5, 2021 Allow for variable blocking time. The goal is to be the last difficulty bomb before the merger 🚀

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