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The long-awaited London upgrade is now ready to be deployed on the Ethereum testnet!The upgrade will first go live on Ropsten, located in the block 10499401, Which is expected to happen around June 24, 2021.

This upgrade is as follows Berlin, Only activated on the Ethereum mainnet a few months ago. By starting work in London while launching in Berlin, the client team was able to release this network upgrade at record speed! The upgrade includes the following EIPs:

Ethereum Cat Shepherd has been launched A blog post View the details of these EIPs.

It’s worth noting that while EIP-1559 is backward compatible with the current transaction format, the block header is changed, new transaction types are added, a new JSON RPC endpoint is attached, and it is used in multiple fields (mining, transaction ) Changed the client’s behavior pool, etc.). It is strongly recommended that the project is familiar with EIP.A broader list of resources related to EIP-1559 can be found Here.

London time

As of now, only test networks (Ropsten, Goerli, Rinkeby) have been arranged in London. After successfully activating and upgrading on these networks, a block will be set up for the Ethereum mainnet and exchanges will be made on this blog and other places.

The release schedule is as follows:

The internet Block number Due date
Roppsten 10499401 June 24, 2021
Gurley 5062605 June 30, 2021
Linkby 8897988 July 7, 2021
Mainnet Once the testnet successfully forks, it is to be determined. Once the testnet successfully forks, it is to be determined.

Note: The Kovan network will be upgraded later, possibly after the Mainnet block is passed.

Ethereum node operators should upgrade their nodes before the forked blocks on the network they want to participate in. Due to the variability of block time, it is recommended to update a few days before the expected date. Please refer to the following section for the corresponding client version to upgrade to.

Client version

In order to be compatible with the London upgrade, node operators need to upgrade the client version they are running.The version listed below for each customer supports the entire London test Ethereum network. Once the mainnet fork block is selected, each client will release another version.

client version number Download link
Go to Ethereum (geth) 1.10.4 download
Void Mind 1.10.73 download
Erigon (fka TurboGeth) 2021.06.04-Alpha download
Besu 21.7.0-RC1 download
OpenEthereum (fka Parity) 3.3.0-rc2 download
EthereumJS virtual machine 5.4.1 download

Note: The OpenEthereum client will be deprecated after the upgrade in London. The team is working with Erigon to provide users with a smooth transition path.More information can be found Here.


As an Ethereum user or Ethereum holder, what do I need to do?

The upgrades listed in this article only affect the Ethereum testnet, not the Ethereum mainnet. If you are just a user of the Ethereum mainnet, you don’t need to do anything now.

As a Ropsten miner or Goerli/Rinkeby validator, what do I need to do?

First, download the latest version of the Ethereum client, as listed in the table above. Then, you need to manually change the gas limit target to twice the current value. This is because once London goes online, the block size will double, and EIP-1559 will keep the block at about 50% capacity.

For example, if you were a Ropsten miner before London and the target block size was 8,000,000 gas, you now need to set the target to a 16,000,000 gas cap to keep the average transaction volume of each block the same. If you do not change the gas limit target, you will start to reduce the block size on the network. The table below details the specific parameters that you should update based on your client.

As a non-verified or mining node operator, what do I need to do?

Download the latest version of the Ethereum client, as listed in the table above, and pay attention to the mainnet upgrade announcement in the next few weeks.

What if I am a miner or node operator and do not participate in the upgrade?

If the Ethereum client you are using is not updated to the latest version (as listed above), once the upgrade occurs, your client will be synchronized to the pre-fork blockchain. According to the old rules, you will be stuck on an incompatible chain, and you will not be able to send Ether or operate on the upgraded Ethereum network.

What is the network upgrade of Ethereum Land?

The network upgrade is a change to the underlying Ethereum protocol, creating new rules to improve the system. The decentralized nature of the blockchain system makes network upgrades more difficult. The network upgrade in the blockchain requires cooperation and communication with the community and various Ethereum client developers to ensure a smooth transition.

What happens during the network upgrade?

After the community agrees on what changes should be included in the upgrade, the changes to the agreement will be written to various Ethereum clients, such as geth, Erigon, Besu, and Nethermind. The protocol change is activated at a specific block number. Any node that has not been upgraded to the new rule set will be discarded on the old chain, while the previous rules still exist.

Why is it “London”?

After Istanbul, our planned network upgrade ran out of names. It is recommended to use the Devcon city name for the upgrade, We did it!Where is london Developer Conference 1 occur.It follows Berlin Developer Conference 0.

thank you!

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the research, planning, implementation, testing, destruction, repair, retesting and deployment of London😁🇬🇧

Shout out loud Henry Bay The cover image of this article!


This is an emerging and constantly evolving highly technical field. If you choose to implement the recommendations in this article and continue to participate, you should make sure you understand how it affects you. You should understand the risks involved, including but not limited to accidental errors and other risks. By choosing to implement these recommendations, you will alone risk the consequences. This article and recommendation are not any form of sales, nor does it constitute any form of guarantee, including but not limited to anything related to the Ethereum network or the Ethereum customers mentioned here.

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