Members of the European Economic Area focus on Rock’n’Block CEO Dmitriy Ershov

Rock music It is part of the EEA community organization dedicated to advancing Ethereum and promoting industry adoption. In the following Q&A, EEA interviewed CEO Dmitriy Ershov to understand how Rock’n’Block contributes to the ecosystem to help Ethereum reach its full potential.

Please briefly introduce your company and yourself.

I am the CEO of Rock’n’Block, a blockchain software development company that implements software-based blockchain technology for enterprises and startups. In 2017, we started with an internal smart contract project and received many requests for custom development, so we are now working on turning digital ideas into reality.

Our team has participated in complex IT projects for clients all over the world. Each time we have solved many challenges faced by global organizations, from the simplest token contracts to complex DEX and blockchain deployments. One of our great projects is DUCATUS Wallet-a functional consumer wallet development for iOS, Android and the web. Our team has richer experience in blockchain development, and is good at Ethereum, DeFi tools, layer 2 solutions, cross-chain solutions, etc.

What brought you to the EEA in the first place, and why did you decide to become a member of it?

Rock’n’Block aims to expand the distribution of the technologies we are using. We want to join an organization where we can contribute as blockchain developers and work with some respected names in our industry. EEA is a leading collaboration network driven by Ethereum, which provides us with access to important innovations. This is why we have no doubt about joining the European Economic Area. As blockchain developers, we see an excellent opportunity to work closely with EEA’s Ethereum network.

What is your current work on Ethereum? How will end users benefit from your work?

Rock’n’Block has been committed to implementing a series of customized solutions required for our blockchain projects and blockchain adoption. We have built a variety of different Ethereum-based projects, from NFT collections or NFT asset ownership tokenization cases to cross-chain solutions between Ethereum and other blockchains. Although we are not restricted by building on Ethereum, our customers often use Ethereum implementation on a large scale. As Ethereum turns to Proof of Stake, we can’t wait to get the latest insights from the Ethereum network.

How will EEA strengthen your organization’s current efforts?

There are many opportunities for EEA to be applied to our workspace. We want to enhance our network and be allowed to participate in enterprise blockchain adoption cases. When participating in the EEA collaboration website and DeFi interest group, we aim to showcase our expertise and establish new blockchain development partnerships. Our main goal is to develop first-class blockchain solutions that can help enterprises develop.

What is the EEA project you are most interested in?

The EEA working group is one of the most powerful networking and collaboration tools. We are happy to attend all EEA meetings, meet other members, and learn from EEA work and interest group leaders. We cannot wait until face-to-face meetings managed by EEA become possible again.

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