Mission on the road to Devcon


As the Ethereum ecosystem continues to grow and mature at an alarming rate, we will continue to work hard to provide the amazing Devcon 6. Let our community participate in the Devcon road! In order to do this, we announced the path to Devcon Quest!

What is a task?

Devcon Discovery Road It is a regular activity of our community to continuously collaborate, contribute and learn.For each mission, you will have a chance to get a POAP A badge that represents your participation-see how much you can collect!

The tasks to be completed are listed in Devcon.org, We also welcome community-sponsored tasks-if you have ideas about community tasks, Share in our RTD Discord server!

Start missions with EthStaker

To start the first of these tasks, We have decided to cooperate with the EthStaker community A series of interesting online activities were carried out on the way to Devcon.

The EthStaker community is no stranger to the Ethereum ecosystem. They have become one of the normative communities for Ethereum betting. The EthStaker team will hold regular activities to help the community educate, lower the barriers to technical entry, and welcome more people into the world of solo and joint betting.

The excitement of Devcon inspired the EthStaker community to hold two online events to compete for bragging rights, POAP and Devcon tickets. Each event listed below is open to anyone, and the more you participate, the more chances you have to win Devcon tickets.

Painting Party: May 29, 2021

POAP art It is the latest experiment of POAP, which is located at the intersection of art and technology. POAP.art is an interactive digital canvas that allows artists of all skill levels to collaborate with each other to produce original pixel art works and cast them as NFTs, thereby effectively fixing your art digitally and permanently on the blockchain .

During the YouTube live broadcast, the POAP.art canvas will be open to everyone for 1 hour. When you put down the pixels, while we watch the canvas fill, Devcon and EthStaker community members will provide beautiful comments.

In order to participate, you only need to Live broadcast And get your “Painting Party Viewer” POAPTo grant you access to the POAP.art canvas.During the live broadcast of the drawing party, everyone present will receive this POAP, and everyone who dropped at least one pixel on the POAP will receive one Painting Party Pixel Dropper POAP.

After the painting party, the EthStaker team will host a two-person gala POAP fun The first round of the lottery is eligible for holding any Devcon POAP or Genesis Depository of Beacon Chain. Round 2 is for people who hold a drawing party viewer or Pixel Dropper POAP. The winner of the lucky draw will get the participant seat of the following Devcon Trivia Game.

For more information, find the full details here!

Devcon Trivia game: July 10, 2021

Trivia Games is an important part of the EthStaker community and is a very interesting experience.Everyone is welcome to join live Hosted on the EthStaker website, and those who win Trivia Game seats will use hoo! platform. Participants will be asked a series of questions, including general knowledge of Ethereum, Devcon history and everything in between.

The participant with the highest score will win Devcon tickets and bragging rights. There will be four available POAPs for this event; spectators, full game participants, participants and winners.

For more information, find the full details here!

See you on the way to Devcon!

We hope to see you in all missions on the road to Devcon and help us bring excitement to this event!If you have any questions or want to know how to participate, please feel free to contact us at the following URL support@devcon.org, @EFDevcon On Twitter (Reddit) r / EthStaker, EthStaker Discord, Or @EthStaker on Twitter. 🦄

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