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It is always interesting to hear about new grants, but what will happen after the announcement? In this series, we will examine several ongoing projects-or have already been completed. Read on to learn about some recent milestones and achievements of the grantee!

Devlio in order to Ethereum India Scholarship 2.0

Devfolio’s Ethereum India Fellowship 2.0 has two paths, each for 8 weeks of rigorous training and guidance for different groups, with the purpose of bringing talented developers into the Ethereum ecosystem. Track 1 brought 20 talented Web2 developers to have little or no experience with blockchain:

  • Learn the building blocks developed by Ethereum, such as Solidity, Remix and Hardhat
  • Explore various use cases from defi to DAO, NFT and decentralized storage
  • Choose your own Ethereum-based project

Track 2 is aimed at Web3 mid-level developers, allowing them to focus more on development projects during the entire 8 weeks. Projects range from novel L2 solutions to secure privacy infrastructure, with guidance from industry veterans.

This EtherPunk Online HackathonConducted during the first half of the fellowship program, this is a timely opportunity for researchers to submit their projects to a hackathon and contact outstanding developers for presentations and feedback sessions.

The partners have achieved a lot during and after the program-those who know almost nothing about Ethereum started the program, and they have won thousands of hackathon bonuses and land for leading companies in the ecosystem Internship opportunities.You can see the researcher’s final project submission Here.

Learn about ETHIndia on Twitter @ethindiacoAnd watch Devfolio Blog News about future events!

Web3 Lab in order to Web3j

Web3j is a JVM and Android integrated library for Ethereum. It was created to make it easy for Java developers to use Ethereum. Java is one of the most commonly used languages ​​in enterprise settings, and JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is one of the most commonly used development platforms. Web3j was first released in 2016 by Conor Svensson, the founder of Web3 Labs, to support JVM developers. Web3j has been developed and maintained by Web3 Labs since 2017. Web3Labs has received funding for their continued work on Web3j. Recent work includes:

  • Update Web3j document
  • Update Maven plugin
  • Development of Solidity library dependency management
  • Add smart contract migration support

The Web3 Labs team will continue to be the steward of Web3j. The planned work includes improving the developer’s experience, the implementation of the open API of the eth2 client, and the requirements for enhancements and ongoing maintenance in the recent user survey.​​​

Follow Web3 Labs on Twitter @web3labs Or contribute to Web3J Github.

Are you doing something that you think can change Ethereum for the better?Go to our Grant page Learn more about what we are looking for in funded projects.

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