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It is always interesting to hear about new grants, but what will happen after the announcement? In this series, we will check ongoing projects-or projects that have already been completed. Read on to learn about some recent milestones and achievements of the grantee!


The Baseline project is defining a protocol that allows companies to synchronize their systems of record and reduce costly errors in B2B transactions. It uses the Ethereum mainnet as a general reference frame, and at the same time uses zero-knowledge proofs to keep confidential business logic and data confidential.The project is located in Ethereum OASIS.First Fired In March 2020, 15 pieces, The Baseline is now overseen by representatives of more than 30 companies and organizations.Now I am at v0.1.0Released in August 2020, Baseline has provided many tools for enterprise users, including:

The funds granted to Baseline were allocated to Recently announced Benchmark Agreement Bursary program, Adopted by the governing body of Baseline Open collective Support continuous research, development and adoption.

Follow Baseline’s progress on Twitter @baselineproto,contribution Github Or join the conversation Discord, relaxation with telegraph.

Aztecs in order to PLONK

The creators of the Aztec team are pioneering and innovating in the zero-knowledge field PLONK, Efficient and universal SNARK structure and its subsequent versions TurboPlonk with UltraPlonk. The Aztecs received a grant in August 2020 for their PLONK for programmable privacy and Rust-based Noir language work in the PLONK summary. The Aztecs recently reached some important milestones with PLONK and Noir as the main elements, including:

There is more to the Aztec pipeline-follow their progress on Twitter @aztecnetwork, Github Aztec Agreement, Or join Discord.

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