Spotlight of EEA member and DAO member Mark Fitzgibbon-API3 operation

EEA member and DAO member Mark Fitzgibbon pay attention to-API3 operation

As a member of the EEA, API3 is part of the EEA organization, which is dedicated to advancing Ethereum and promoting industry adoption. In the following Q&A, EEA interviewed Mark Fitzgibbon on the way API3 can help the ecosystem realize the potential impact of Ethereum.

Please briefly introduce your company and yourself.

API3 Attempts to create powerful decentralized applications by directly providing decentralized management and quantifiable secure data feeds to data consumers on the Ethereum blockchain. I am an IT professional with more than 20 years of experience and currently use API3 in operations and enterprise business development teams.

What got you into the EEA in the first place, and why did you decide to become a member?

Since we value B2B, especially in the enterprise field, joining EEA seems to be a natural action. We hope to contribute to the development of corporate standards, expand our network, and do our best to add value.

What are you currently doing with Ethereum? How will end users benefit from your work?

API3 is currently launching our Airnode products, And our DAO governance portal. After that, we integrated a large number of API data feeds into Ethereum. We plan to provide data consumers with an automation and integration platform for building custom/aggregated data feeds on their own Airnode in the second half of this year.

We also recently obtained Airnode Oracle’s GDPR compliance certification through a code review, which is the first in the blockchain industry. As part of our focus on the B2B and enterprise sector, we strive to achieve this goal to eliminate major obstacles to the adoption of Ethereum as a public blockchain from the compliance sector. We also work hard to cooperate with enterprises and establish strong partnerships to promote the adoption and expansion of the enterprise Ethereum space. We hope to obtain opportunities and partnerships in this field in the near future.

Our recent development is exclusive for ten years Establish a partnership with the Open Bank project, To introduce CeFi API for banking business into the Ethereum chain, which started with more than 400.

How will the EEA enhance the current work of your organization?

The EEA will enable us to connect with other members and find ways to increase the value of their operations. We are happy to contribute to member education in the field of added value and knowledge based on our professional knowledge and project focus. We look forward to exploring the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing more types and quantities of real-world, API-driven off-chain data to blockchain data consumers on Ethereum. We hope that this will lead to new applications and use case-driven projects that use these new types of data, and help the overall development of the blockchain space over time.

What EEA plan are you most excited about?

We are very excited about the EEA working group and learning from other members. The Ethereum mainnet, financial services and EEA supply chain interest groups cover the areas we are currently exploring, and we hope that API3 can play an important role in them. We also plan to participate in the upcoming DeFi interest group. As we spend more time communicating with EEA, learning and developing relationships with EEA and its members, we hope to explore this further. Providing more participating workshops and conference opportunities will also help us to contribute and learn.

To learn more about API3, please visit, Reading Blog Then continue Twitter.

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