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This month, we obtained the latest results of the two groups and made great contributions to the development of the Ethereum ecosystem!

Couger Education and community building in Japan

It seems unlikely that Couger, who focuses on AI, will become a champion of Ethereum education!However, Couger not only Explore the intersection of Ethereum and AI with Trial of zero-knowledge voting protocol -They have also become enthusiastic educators and collaborators in their home country, Japan. Couger was sponsored at the 2020 ETHTerakoya gathering and a series of seminars and working groups. Couger recently received a second grant to continue and expand their previous work, including:

  • The ID x Voting x Blockchain” working group brings together companies, technology and legal professionals to work on open standards and proof of concept: Japanese with English language
  • A public seminar introducing the findings of the IDxVoting working group meeting: Japanese with English language And the full video of the presentation (divided into part 1 with part 2)
  • The eth2 working group held in November 2020: Japanese with English language
  • Community building plans for students, businesses and public awareness

Watch About upcoming events and meeting minutes. We look forward to seeing these initiatives continue to evolve and continue to expand our support for Japan’s evolving Ethereum ecosystem!

Meta cartel Support after hackathon

MetaCartel DAO is a community of builders dedicated to accelerating the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem, especially at the application layer. In 2020, MetaCartel pays special attention to helping hackathon participants continue to develop software and dapps after the hackathon is over. ESP grants are issued in the form of donations to MetaCartel DAO and will be used for post-hackathon support, especially for Project from the ETHOnline virtual hackathon.

In addition to providing guidance for the team to improve the product and establish a sustainable business model, MetaCartel DAO also provides small grants for the ETHOnline project, including:

  • camel, A cryptocurrency community funding center
  • Mindfulness, The platform can automatically perform portfolio rebalancing and average dollar costs
  • cover, A derivative protocol that uses an on-chain oracle to allow transactions on data streams

Follow MetaCartel’s many plans on Twitter, not to mention their infamous memes @Meta_Cartel Or through their Sub-stack communication.

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