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Our brave recipients are as busy as ever-please read some recent achievements 🏆

To us

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) runs on the Ethereum blockchain, but this does not only apply to ETH addresses! ENS maps human-readable domain names to locations on the entire distributed Web, including Ethereum and other blockchain addresses, Tor .onion addresses, decentralized websites, and data hashes stored on IPFS, etc. ENS continues to expand its coverage through recent integrations, including:

This is far from everything-please read ENS 2020 Retrospective To look back on a very good year, please follow ENS on Twitter. @ensdomains And check Roadmap for 2021 See what happens next.

textile with 3 boxes in order to IPLD object signing and encryption

Intellectual Property Alliance Is for IPFS. Textile and 3Box received a joint grant co-funded by the following institutions Protocol laboratory, To create signature and encryption standards to achieve greater composability and interoperability between web3 applications while ensuring user data sovereignty. All the work funded by the grant has now been completed, including:

Ethereum developers can already integrate JWE standards (such as JWE and JWS) into their IPLD-based dApps, and more! This work is part of a long-term effort to improve data interoperability between IPFS/IPLD-based applications and tools.For more information, you can follow the main researcher Carson Farmer with age, They will continue to interact with the community around the project; follow Textile on Twitter @textileio, or relaxation; And 3box on Twitter @3boxdb, or Discord!

fly fly in order to Beacon eth2 block explorer

With the launch of the beacon chain, the bitfly team wants to ensure that there is a Open source The eth2 block explorer from day 1. Beacon A large number of resources are provided for Ethereum stakeholders and enthusiasts, including:

  • More and more eth2 knowledge base
  • Various trackers and visualizations, including chart Contains activity, participation, total equity and other data
  • mobile application Used to monitor the eth2 validator

Follow bitfly on Twitter @etherchain_org Or Reddit u / etherchain.

But wait, there is more!

  • Unirep Private and undeniable reputation system: complete smart contract, CLI and zk circuit
  • MPC Phase 2 User Interface: Complete design and specifications; developed components, including server, CLI and browser client

There will be more next month!

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